The Congressman has accused US politicians of hypocritical in relation to the Russian Federation

NEW YORK, January 13. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Us Congressman Dana Roerbaker (Republican, California) said that some US policy to allow hypocritical allegations against Russia. This opinion of the legislator expressed in an interview in the radio programme Breitbart News Daily.

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“I think that the warmongers accuse other people that they are – war criminals. This is the wrong tone, such rhetoric brings us to the conflict with the Russians, they’ll think we’re trying to tackle them,” he said.

The legislator recalled that the Republican Senator John McCain called the cyber attack, which the United States attribute to Russia, an “act of war”. “An act of war? We are constantly hacking into their system, stressed Roerbaker. And not only their system, we record the conversations of foreign leaders”.

“To call the hacking an act of war? These people want war,” added Roerbaker . Speaking about the attitude of some U.S. politicians toward Russia, the legislator stated: “we are talking about the hostility and antagonism they seemed to be trying to repel them (the Russians – ed. TASS), instead of to build a positive relationship”.

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Roerbaker stated that, in particular, speaks of the Senator-Republican Marco Rubio. This legislator at a hearing in the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs on the approval of Rex Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state, persistently asked the latter whether he is ready to recognize Russia’s actions in Syria war crimes. As pointed out in response, Tillerson, such accusations require “hard evidence” is and nominate them based only on publicly available information, he can’t. However, the candidate for the post of U.S. Secretary of state called Moscow’s actions in Syria “unacceptable behavior”.

The Deputy chief a press-services of US state Department mark Toner at a regular briefing for journalists on Thursday also said that the administration of President Barack Obama is not ready to say that Russia is responsible for war crimes in Syria. “As far as I know, we have such opinions did not. We strongly condemn the indiscriminate attacks on the civilian infrastructure and civilians, but such definitions are not allowed”, – he said. Toner assured that appropriate evaluation can be given by Washington at the end of “legal process, a detailed analysis and investigation.”

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