The costs of the British on restaurants are growing, for wine and tobacco reduced

British families are spending less money on alcohol and cigarettes, while increasing costs for restaurants, according to the National statistics UK (ONS).

For the 2015-2016 fiscal year ended March 31 last year, the average expenses of people in the country as a whole made 528,9 pound ($661) per week, which is almost identical to the figure for the previous twelve months.

Expenditures on alcohol and cigarettes fell to 11.4 lb per week (2% of total expenditure) compared with 12.1 pounds a year earlier. In the early 2000s, the figure was 19.5 per pound, but below the level of 12 pounds in the past year, he has fallen for the first time, the report says the ONS.

The British began to spend more on restaurants and cafes, and hotels – 45.1 pound a week (9% of total expenditure) as against 43.3 per pound in 2014-2015 fingado. For the first time in five years, a figure that also includes bills for alcoholic drinks in pubs and restaurants and takeaways exceeded the mark of 45 pounds .

Grow your communication costs. The British spend on communications services in the past fingado an average of 16 pounds in a week against 15.7 per pound a year earlier. More than half of these funds are the costs associated with mobile telephony.

Transport is a major expense for British families – 72.7 per week, or 14% of total spending. In second place was housing, fuel and electricity is 72.5 lbs, which is about 14%.

A bit spending on recreation and cultural activities – 68 pounds in a week, or 13%. Followed by food and non-alcoholic beverages – 56.8 per pound, or 11%.

A significant proportion of falls on the category of “other expenses” – 73.6 per pound, or 14%, according to a review of ONS.

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