The Czech Republic was allowed to transfer to Ukraine the remains of the poet and writer Oleksandr Oles, said Poroshenko

The Czech Republic was allowed to pass Ukraine exhumed the remains of the Ukrainian poet and writer Oleksandr Oles, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“The Czech authorities have given permission to transfer to the Ukrainian party exhumed the remains of the poet and writer Oleksandr Oles”, – wrote Poroshenko on his page in the microblog Twitter on Saturday.

As reported, on 3 January 2017 the President P. Poroshenko instructed the foreign Ministry to provide transportation of the remains of the Ukrainian poet and writer Oleksandr Oles, and the Ministry of culture to organize the reburial in Ukraine.

The head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich, believes that the government should initiate the return of the ashes of the Ukrainian leaders “to his native land for burial in the National Pantheon”. “Alexander Oles should be reburied in Ukraine . The best place for this is the alley of honorary burial Lukyanovka cemetery”, – quotes Vladimir Vyatrovich the website of the Institute.

According to the Institute, outside of Ukraine is more than 250 thousand graves of the Ukrainian military-political emigration, history and culture, and many of the graves “can be eliminated in the near future.”

According to media reports, the remains of A. Oles, who died in 1944 and buried in the Czech Republic, was forcibly exhumed. According to Czech law, after the burial, relatives or friends of the deceased should pay rent for a place in the cemetery in the amount of approximately 20 thousand Czech crowns (equivalent to UAH 20 thousand) for 10 years. Until recently, the rent for the grave paid on its own initiative, the citizen of the Czech Republic, a native of Ukraine Vladimir Mikhaylishin, but he recently died and now his son wants to bury father on the writer’s grave. The reburial was planned for 3 January 2017, plans for further dumping of the remains of A. Oles and his wife is unknown, but the grave is already dug. Now at the olšany cemetery are representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora, who are waiting for the Consul.

A. Oles (real name – Kandyba) was born in 1878 on the territory of Sumy region. Published with 1905. In 1919, after the occupation of Ukraine by Bolshevik troops were forced to emigrate, where he continued a creative way. Died and was buried in 1944 in Prague.

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