The details of the murder of his brother, Kim Jong-UN

Photo: facebook.com Kim Jong Nam was poisoned by the woman

Kim Jong Nam was surrounded by six people.

The murder of half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Nam was involved in six people, according to The Times.

Kim Jong-Nam for a few moments was surrounded by six people when he was in reception at the airport in Kuala Lampur. At the same time one of the women poisoned him fast-acting poison. It is assumed that she did it against his face, Kim Jong-Nam poisoned handkerchief. What poison he was poisoned, not specified. The man was taken to the hospital from the airport when he asked for help due to severe headache. On the way to the hospital he felt a sharp pain and subsequently died.

The South Korean newspaper the Korea Times suggests that Jong-Nam could kill for money. The murder was ordered by his half-brother, leader of the DPRK. The reason for this was the legacy that Kim Jong Us has received from his father, the last leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il . Also, tell the sources, he managed the secret accounts of his uncle, who was the right hand of Kim Jong Il. The current leader of the country, according to the Korea Times, demanded from his brother to return to North Korea, but he refused, and it has really pissed off Kim Jong UN.

In the case of the murder of Kim Jong Nam arrested two women citizens of Vietnam. Later, police arrested a third suspect of involvement in the murder.

The DPRK tried to prevent the autopsy, Kim Jong-Nam

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