The Director of “lence-a million” — about the musical fashion and the power of creativity

Today, when people are accustomed to consume more information from the images in the Integral, rather than from the texts, to think visually, the art of making music videos is becoming increasingly important and more subtle. From a giant video stream viewers choose those that offer them something new, unusual or just plain fun. All this, secrets to the popularity and detail of the creative process “ZD” was found to talk to, perhaps the most popular today music video Director Leonid Kolosovskiy. He is a Director of videos Potap and Nastya, “Time and Glass” (including the videos-the record for the number of hits — “Name 505”, “Neveroyatnoe”, “style”), Olya Polyakova, Lolita, “Degrees”, Artem Pivovarov, the group “Pizza”, Dima Bilan etc.

Leonid Kolosovsky (on the right) and Potap creative . Photo: press service of Leonid Kolosovsky

By the way, Kolosovsky clip for the hit song Bilan “In your head” was the best video of the year by “Muz”, and at the March ceremony ZD AWARDS “Sound Track” “MK” in the same category won one more job of this music video — “Neverepeat”. This year’s Leonid recognized as the best music video Director and award M1 Music Awards in Ukraine. However, already assembled an impressive bouquet of award-winning film Director, apparently, is not going to stop. However, he admits he never thinks about how many likes on the Internet will gather this or that work, but prefers to concentrate on the process…

– Leonid, tell us how you went from his artistic activity to it and keep moving foward?

– These activities, I would even say, the images of life are closely interrelated and do not exclude each other. They are United by music. When I studied it, wrote and performed a song, I always imagined I’d removed, thought in images. Until 2008, I was actively engaged in the artistic career, and when the crisis came, decided temporarily to earn some money until you improve things, and got to my friends in production, becoming the administrator of the shooting process. As it turned out (this is not the first case in history), there is nothing more permanent than temporary. Gradually I got involved. This, of course, magical world. “Who in this world was ever made happy”, as sung in the famous cartoon “film, Film, film”. It was hard to give it up. Later I started to produce videos, but the creativity has taken its toll: gradually, from the producer I became the Director.

Then there was the feeling that you have found your niche, what you actually want to do?

– Creative people are often interested in different aspects of art. In parallel with klipmejkerom I continue to write music, to do it. Now I perceive it more as a hobby, however the process continues, and I still have plans to show the world what I’m capable of. I can say that I found myself in work, in principle. Whether it’s in the future clipmakers, or movie, or show, or musical career, is still unknown. Life is not a result but a journey.

– How was formed the circle of artists with whom you work?

In 2011, together with Potap and Irina Gorovoy we have created a video Studio. Initially there were two project Potap and Nastya and “Time and Glass”, then their number began to increase. Our work is always done efficiently, creative. What happened differed from what was used the viewer on the music channels. We began to go for creativity. Originality, freshness of thinking attracted artists who come to us.

– As a creative person, having their own tastes and musical vision, you can’t treat all with whom you work, but how a professional should always invest fully. How do you find a balance and common ground with those whose work you do not close, for example?

– Of course, the difficult moments are. If a person says “I like everything I do”, he’s just disingenuous. I have this approach: if I can’t find any advantages in the musical material, if it is I personally do not like, I’m trying to fall in love either in the song or artist, feel his charisma. This is the inspiration for the work. My work in this case is secondary. First born song and then video. It just depends on me how I will see him, as I will show the world of a hero and illustrate a particular work. Often, by the way, the musicians come to us, so we reformatted them, showed a new way, created some other way.

The shooting of the clip of the group “Time and Glass” “Neverepeat” — the winner of the ZD Awards-2016. Photo: press service of Leonid Kolosovsky

– But the clip is not always just an illustration. In the video “Love & Pride”, which you rented for DJ Smash and Vengerov, for example, the whole story…

– Actually I had a different scenario. The one that eventually formed the basis, came up with DJ Smash, but it was very fancy that does not fit neither in time nor in budget. We adapted it, and there was the story of the magic glasses that bring the characters to another, happy and joyful world. We also used a stylized retro, which is not easy financially and technically. It is necessary not only to consider the fashion of a certain time, but also to convey the atmosphere: people’s behavior, emotions, slang. From the 1960s, 80s, 90s they are quite different. After this video I began to appreciate any attempts at styling, with interest watching a stylized movie, and may in a particular case to say how good work people, to convey the spirit of the age.

– Are you self-critical?

Very. By and large I don’t like my work. Moreover, after each release we will arrange a meeting and discuss weaknesses. There will always be people who praise you, they will say, wow, what a brilliant work you’ve done. It is definitely inspiring, but you need to see your mistakes, work on them, over what we didn’t account for. In each clip there is still some flaws, which are then noticed. Any survey and its result — a compromise between what I want and what I can do. There wasn’t a single project when all turned to the last detail, as they were intended. Where the weather has failed, somewhere people: the human factor is very important here. At the site of a large team, each with its own function. This mechanism, which is headed by one person, and it should work smoothly, but sometimes there are failures — it is inevitable.

– How you feel free in working with artists? Do not press authority?

– In recent years this freedom more and more. If earlier many of my colleagues, including myself, complained that it is impossible to implement what I would like, — there are nuances, wishes and so forth, today actors, on the contrary, please provide them with something unusual, to make the clip the way you see it. They let go of the reins — and rightly so: if not contain a creative person, you might see something interesting. I think this is due to the rapid development of Internet-resources where there is already a large number of the public, to adequately evaluate what is happening. The TV has ceased to dictate fashion, so you need to do, to try to create something really new, unlike what was pushing any limits. Such works, fortunately, there are more.

– You speak about the positive moments. And what would you like to change?

– You need to change the music content. Time is rapidly moving forward, there is a fashion that is constantly changing. If you have a good song, so the clip will be interesting, qualitative, if not — no matter what we invent, people don’t like the song, and just there dissonance. Imagine: if we take the performer of the chanson, for example, and write him a creative hipster script of the video, the public actor does not understand, although the picture is fashionable, made up with the time. Must comply, first and foremost, you need to change the music itself, and everything else will follow.

– For decades there has been talk about that scene in the post-Soviet space has been slower than the West, and borrows many elements from there. Do you think that today Ukrainian, Russian scenes become more distinctive?

– No, we continue to copy foreign scene, albeit in its own way. Of course, in Ukraine and in Russia, a lot of creative people trying to come up with something new, but we all learn the representatives of Western industry — this applies to music, and clipmakers. They objectively go ahead of us, they do have a lot to learn. This should not be ashamed of, you just have to take it for granted. It is foolish to deny, for example, that Hollywood is the leader of the film industry that sets trends, innovations, and the coolest graphics. Need to borrow the technology, follow the changes of fashion and use it all on its own. Listen to Russian rap: he does not like American English, although the guys are focused on that scene, but in the end it created, in fact, its direction. Such variants are also possible.

– You are now talking about innovations, technologies, and do you believe in DIY-history (the movement of “Do it yourself”. — Approx. ed.)? Is it possible to make a good clip “on the knee”?

– Yes, of course. Again, it all depends on the genre. If we’re talking about pop music, there are canons and laws: it has to be expensive. This is achieved through certain means — good camera, good optics, specialists who know how to work with certain materials, costumes, make-up. All this costs money. But, for example, for an indie musician, you can shoot wonderful video on a mobile phone, and it will be interesting to watch. We all know the Chicago group OK Go. Nobody can hum any of their songs, but everyone knows their clips. One of the most famous shot for $ 50, where the guys did a choreographed piece on treadmills. Very cool video, which revised the millions. It was a great idea, and they continued to move in the same direction. Now the clips have become more high budget, but still constructed in this strange creativity.

After watching your clips creates a feeling that the handwriting is recognizable. How it was formed?

It is very difficult to measure yourself by. Probably just there are genres, which to me is easier, which is closer to me as a music video Director. I like to think in images, often ironic, although when I close and drama. The viewer knows better, does my work have something in common, whether they can be traced in the author’s handwriting, because I don’t notice it, don’t think about it. I think about what the picture will be organic to one or another artist, just for this track, he liked his audience. What will be in the frame must conform to him, not me. But while I acknowledge the unoriginality of his work, it often happens that in combination with the clip, the song becomes a hit. What we see today in the group “Time and Glass”, for example, is largely due to the clips.

– This is often called the era of the video thinking…

– This is due to social evolution. Everyone today has a smartphone with a large color screen that has replaced our TV. Everything must be illustrated, because it is simply dry large text is uninteresting. We viewed pictures on social networks, it’s easier. The pace of life has increased, and more and more information is absorbed it is from visual images. Today, even the clips began to look different. Was previously essential grid, all waiting for the Prime Minister, and today clips — this is the background. I’ve seen guys at parties are betting is not just tracks and lists of videos from the Internet: music and background is a picture. VJ is very popular today. In General, the catalyst active development klipovoy thinking became Director Daniel Boyle, removing the film “Trainspotting” in the 1990s Then began to develop video editing, which is so fond of, for example, guy Ritchie. It so happened that from small areas called clipmaker certain tools were used in the film.

– What, in your opinion, the new generation of music video differ from the old?

– An interesting question. Probably, all again has to do with the movement of fashion. We are changing with it. Subsequently, there will be some new trends that will come more young guys, and we will call the old generation of music video Directors. I have notice that is growing the next generation… technically speaking, today’s innovations — is the work without light, work with a manual camera, lots of shooting days, so that the picture in the frame more varied, less imaging, more stories. If before it was decided, for example, spend one day, but to try to make it as qualitative as possible, now we simplify the process, arrange a few shooting days and try to make the clips look more like real life.

– Do you feel the competition?

I always rejected this concept in filmmaking — in the same way as in an artistic environment. Each musician is unique, and the one who have no face, charisma, and just not take root in this environment. You cannot compare Spielberg and Scorsese. Everyone has their own style, each in his own good. While they may work for different audiences, and clear opinions does not happen. Similarly, in clipmaking. Today we met at the Studio music video Director Alexey Golubev. Unlikely, if he considered me a competitor, we would be sitting here and talking. Similarly, if he came to Kiev, we organized him a meeting with journalists in our office. A natural situation for me when filmmakers respect and support each other. I don’t believe in competition. It’s weird.

– Most of your videos gaining millions of views online. Are there any secrets to creating videoemilianna?

– Video must be funny. This idea may seem superficial, but this has to be considered. Sometimes this tendency leads to the fact that the most popular on the Internet become some strange, absurd videos. The record was the video for “Name 505” (group “Time and Glass”), which was viewed nearly 160 million people, and this number is constantly growing. Honestly, for us it was a surprise no one expected. We fooled around, but in the end the whole story has grown to an astronomical number of views. I even have a nickname lenchik-millionchik, because all the clips that I removed to gain of a million and more views. May already has the name, possibly creative, a clear hit in the song and artist.

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