The doctors have done the impossible: the doctors removed 5 kilograms of the growths have cheloveka-dereva

The doctors conducted a successful operation 27-year-old Abudula Bandaru who is better known as chelovek-DEREVO. Young man struck by an unusual disease because it has growths of the limbs. Abdul for 2016 made 16 operations, in which the guy removed 5 kilograms of the growths. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Unusual disease
a young man called verruciformis epidermodysplasia. This disease
hereditary, characterized by predisposition to skin disease virus
the human papilloma virus. The first signs of the dreaded disease make themselves felt in
an early age. Such terrible growths grow from common warts under
the effects of the virus.

Man underwent surgery
now with great joy hugs his beloved daughter. Treatment Bandara became
iconic and for medicine, because before
believed that the disease is not treatable .

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Seven-month-old boy, whose head is called the largest in the world, suffering from congenital hydrocephalus. It was found that the volume of the baby’s head is 96 see the Boy named Mritunjay the neighbors called child-Ghost or simply a giant head.

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