The dollar held steady on Friday after falling the previous day, ends higher for a second week in a row

The U.S. dollar on Friday practically has not changed in tandem with the Euro in the course of trading on Friday and finishes higher for a second straight week on expectations of a rate hike by the Federal reserve system (FRS).

Euro at 8:09 kV on Friday was worth $1.0681 against $1,0685 at the close of the previous session in new York. The value of the dollar is 113,28 113,15 yen against the yen at the end of last trading session.

On Thursday, the dollar fell 0.7% against the Euro and 0.8% against the yen.

The single European currency by 8:09 kV on Friday there were about 120,99 yen compared to the 120,89 yen a day earlier.

The head of the fed Janet Yellen and her Deputy Stanley Fischer previously said inflation in the US and reduce unemployment, with increases in the base interest rate at a subsequent meeting.

Traders estimate the chances of a rate hike in March to 36% in may to 57% in June to 77% .

“Strong dollar growth is not observed in the absence of a clear signal about the increase in rates in March, but the prospect of tightening monetary-credit policy in the United States supports the American currency” – analyst Deutsche Securities WAKO Ogawa.

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