The DPRK showed footage of the destruction of missiles at the American aircraft carrier

The leadership of North Korea posted a video where you can see the destruction of the USS United States and aircraft of the U.S. air force. The video was distributed to a number of British publications.

According to “Russian conversation” on the propaganda video you can see frames of the joint military exercises the US and South Korea Foal Eagle, previously caused furious Pyongyang official.

With the help of graphics and modest effects, the authors showed how, in their opinion, North Korea can deal with the Navy and air force of the United States.

Behind the scenes events on video with an enthusiastic and sometimes even hysterical tone says a North Korean speaker.

VoiceOver voiced threats against all enemies of the DPRK and assures that shown on these images can easily be translated into actual combat with the U.S. army .

Note, North Korea announced the successful test of the new heavy duty engine for ballistic missiles.

Previously, “Russian conversation” has already reported missile launches by the North Korean military in Japan. Then Pyongyang official said that practiced a missile strike at all US military bases in Japan.

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