The draft budget 2018 provides 163 billion on security and defense

The draft state budget for the year 2018 provides for a direction to the security and defense of the state’s 163 billion, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the meeting of the Council of national security and defense on Wednesday.

“In accordance with the proposals of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to 2018 will be spent on the needs of national security and defense 163 billion UAH. That’s 20 billion more than the current year”, – reported on the official website of the President.

The President recalled that the Strategy of national security provides an annual budget funding of the military-bezopasnosti sector in the amount of not less than 5% of the gross domestic product .

The Council also considered the package of problematic issues that need to be addressed in the current and following year on adequate funding and to facilitate the production of munitions, precision, armored and aircraft armament, as well as import substitution of spare parts and components supplied from Russia.

We also addressed the issue of strengthening air defence systems and aircraft of the Air forces and of the costs of the intensive combat training of parts and divisions of Armed forces and other military formations.

P. Poroshenko stressed the importance of enhancing the motivation of those who are on the first and second line of collision – there is a speech about increase of cash payments depending on the risk and complexity of the tasks. According to him, now on the first line Ukrainian soldier receives an additional fee of 10 UAH per month. “We are on the first line there is no one who would receive less than 17 thousand UAH”, – he said.

“I am sure that now, when we start the program armed with the technical modernization of the army, when we must appear at the level of the XXI century, we need to provide targeted financing of the State target program of reforming and development oboronno-an industrial complex and to find the resources”, stressed the head of state.

P. Poroshenko also said one of the priorities of strengthening counterintelligence regime and the implementation of the National intelligence program.

As reported, the government approved a draft Budget resolution on June 14, for the first time suggesting approval for a three year term – 2018-2020 the Document suggests reducing by 2020 the budget deficit to 2% of GDP and reducing public debt to 55% of GDP.

On 7 September the Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft law “On state budget of Ukraine to 2018” on the Cabinet of Ministers. According to Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk, until 15 September that the draft budget for 2018 will be submitted to Parliament. According to him, the first time the budget will be based on a three-year Budget resolution.

In late August, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the defence budget in 2018 will differ realism, “where every penny has planned real content”. “The difference in this budget is the fact that the main financing will be for the General Fund, which will be at the level 156,4 billion. A special Fund will be formed solely on the basis of proposals of power ministries and departments and will be about 6.3 billion UAH. That is the total funding must be at least 162,7 billion UAH”, – he said.

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