The elite, or a pile of garbage

When the righteous Christian soul is flying in the coldness of the universe — whether in heaven or in hell, whether to a crossroad with no signs, it is known, is being tormented by demons. Stubborn, arrogant, evil. And they begin to blame the sins conceivable, going through the whole story.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

And while the soul is tormented, they continue to pour not only a valid, but false accusations, because slander is the favourite weapon of the devil. When someone says “the devil made me do it”, maybe he puts these words in the second sense, they say, confused the evil one. But in any case, subjected to demonic trials should stand firm and say, “It’s not me, it’s all Chubais!”, or to say: “I didn’t take this basket of sausage”, or so I don’t know what.

Those of you who do with his soul didn’t break up, the demons shamelessly tempting it is for them second in the pleasure class after the slander .

What most strongly tempts the righteous soul? It is known that: money, women and cards. Card in this case refers to the geographical, as sapsasa, so to speak, the first two trials, satisfied the man begins to look for, where to hide these treasures. And then yesterday the tempter brings him under sanctions. And then just threatens to take away the accumulated.

This circumstance lately greatly alarmed by our so-called elite. In August, the President of the United States Donald trump has signed the law “On countering the enemies of America by sanctions”, and by February all Russian businessmen, who deem it associated with the Kremlin (and who doesn’t?), start wool.

Those who long and hard to withdraw money outside the country, and by 2015, derived, according to some estimates, about 60 trillion rubles, said: return the money back, there will be an Amnesty. Then do not like, and now the most cautious start to put small amounts on ruble deposits. On the currency deposits the percentage is no.

But many people want not only to keep the money that was taken out of public circulation, but again they earn. Is offered to our Ministry of Finance to issue special bonds in foreign currency, which yield higher than the Bank rates were used, and preserved the anonymity of their holders.

It just so happened that the stupidity and greed of our times, are the main driving forces of evolution. But as the embers begin from down under to bake (lock money can, in any case), then to return back home I wanted to even those who are directly in conflict with the law and just was forced to flee abroad.

If they had nostalgic feelings for the homeland and aristocratic qualities, they would, most likely, in Estonia, where, according to the latest figures, 5.6 percent of all income people spend on alcohol. Or to the Latvians and Lithuanians, who are somewhat behind on this indicator from the Estonians, but also drink three times more than the European average. Listen to “Oginski Polonaise” (“March of the Slav” would not allow), would drink bitter and homesick for his native land.

But flattering the devils took them for the most part on the banks of the Thames with attractive offers to invest in local real estate or even business. And when the smell of fried, “the devil’s advocate” has suddenly made the business Ombudsman and the Chairman of the Party of growth Boris Titov, who said that after a trip to London decided to prepare for President Vladimir Putin plan returning from the British capital business, there hiding from Russian justice.

Note that thereby he could create future voters the impression that he’s actually not going to fight for the post of President of Russia. Or even if you win, then do nothing, in any case, for the return of these businessmen. Again, all hope for Putin.

As for our “elite”, said Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev, every life Stroy is hierarchical, not hierarchical, only a pile of garbage, and only it is not allocated any aristocratic quality.

Simon Semyonitch




For choice for the role of hero

let come two, three,

but no problems or… or…

since there are Basilashvili…

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