The EU wants to oblige Britain to pay after Brexit

The EU has a lot of requirements to London

The European Union requires guarantees for the preservation of the rights of its citizens and after Britain’s withdrawal from its membership.

The European Union intends to oblige the UK to make annual payments after the country in 2019 will come from the EU. This is evidenced by the draft document, prepared by the Brussels.

In addition, the EU intends to seek from the British government permission to family reunification of EU citizens in the United Kingdom.

Also, in accordance with the document, London must also during the transitional period after Brexit to obey the decisions of the European court in Luxemburg (EuGH).

It is noted that the document should be the basis of a mandate for negotiations with Britain, the provisions of which will be guided by the head of the negotiation process with the EU, Michel Barnier . The heads of state and government of the EU are expected to discuss the mandate for a summit in Brussels on April 29.

The draft also stipulates that the negotiations on Brexit will be named a specific amount that London will have to pay in conformity with its obligations on pensions and projects to be completed by March 2019. The EU expects to receive these contributions are not in pounds but in euros.

The final amount of contributions is not specified, but the UK government has already rejected previously named by the European Commission in the amount of 60 billion euros.

In accordance with another provision of the document, London should maintain the right to work and guarantee a lifetime pension to EU citizens living in the UK at the time of its secession from the Union. The right to pension should be maintained and those EU residents who have previously worked in the UK.

In addition, family members of citizens of the United Kingdom from other EU countries should be able to enter the UK, in addition, they should be afforded the same rights as a British citizen. Prime Minister Theresa may said earlier that the country be allowed to enter no more than 100 thousand foreigners a year.

As reported Корреспондент.netthe EU will put the London account in the amount of about 50 billion pounds ($62 billion). The UK will finally be able to leave the EU only after its payment. This was stated by the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

While in London believe that they have the right not only to refuse to pay the EU, but also demand back the money from the European Bank, which is 11 billion euros.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle

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