The EU will tighten control security and environmental friendliness of automobiles

The European Commission announced Thursday the intention to penalize automakers for the amount of 30 thousand euros for a car if it doesn’t meet standards and EU standards on safety and ecology.

“Scandal”, deselect” has revealed weaknesses in our system of regulation and control market”, – said the member of the European Commission for internal market, industry and entrepreneurship Elzbieta Benkovsky, commenting on the agreement reached between the governing bodies of the EU the agreement on tightening control of the quality of cars coming into the Federal market.

“We know that some car manufacturers were cheating, and many others used a loophole (in the law). Therefore, we are transforming the whole system,” – said E. Key .

As reported in issued on Thursday a communiqué, the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission reached a political agreement on significant improvement of quality and strengthening the independence of the certification and testing of vehicles and inspection of vehicles already in the market, and strengthening the overall system of oversight by the EU.

The agreement reached after two years of negotiations between the Executive body of the Union (European Commission) and two pieces of legislation: representing governments of member countries by the EU Council and the supranational European Parliament.

The reason for the negotiations was the scandals associated with the installation of Volkswagen cars with diesel engines software, misreporting of emissions.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen, whose words are given in a communiqué with more stringent rules and tighter control over their observance “the automotive industry of EU has a chance to regain the trust of consumers” and to strengthen the global leadership of the European car manufacturers in the production of clean and safe vehicles.

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