The European Parliament approved the creation of a common EU army


The European Parliament approved a resolution proposed by the ex Prime Minister of Belgium and is responsible for negotiating a “breccia” guy Verhofstadt, the growing centralization of the European Union and the creation of the post of Minister of Finance of the EU and a common European army, reports BBC.

Verhofstadt supported the federalization of the EU, in contrast, he says, nationalists and protectionists.

The resolution was voted 283 MEP with 269 votes against and 83 abstentions.

The approval of the European Parliament can mean the beginning of a fundamental reform of the EU Treaty.

Belgian politician believes that the EU should give priority to solving most of the countries, without waiting for the approval of all EU members on a particular issue .

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According to the correspondents, in fact, Verhofstadt proposes a restriction or even total elimination of the rights of the member countries of the European Union to abandon the implementation of collective decisions.

Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, however, said that the change in the fundamental treaties of the EU is currently not a priority.

This year, the European Union expects elections in France, Germany and the Netherlands – in each of these countries, surveys show that populists eurosceptics can count on significant support from the population.

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So, the leader of French “National front” marine Le Pen is convinced that the decision of the British to leave the European Union will provoke a Domino effect across Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt heads the liberal bloc in the European Parliament and is considered the leader of the European Federalists who advocate the extension and strengthening of the Union.

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