The European Union has found another country to send migrants: Brussels promised funding and visa liberalization – media

The European Union will provide Belarus seven million euros for the construction of several detention centres for illegal migrants.

according to “Russian conversation” with a link
to the German newspaper Tageszeitung, the relevant
funds will be allocated over three
years. It is noted that the first part
it is planned to give to Minsk already in
the current year.

for detention of illegal immigrants from Syria,
Ukraine and Russia will do
The international organization for migration.

documents which fell into the hands of
journalists, it follows that the centres will
designed for 30-50 people, and the conditions
will fit international
standards. Will be provided
separate facilities for women and families.
In addition, on the spot migrants
will get psychological and
medical care .

will be designed for three groups of migrants:
refugees from Syria, citizens of Ukraine and
Russian citizens who went to the EU in search of work. The relevant
measures Belarus will go part of the agreement
the liberalization of the visa regime with
The European Union.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that this
the time in Russia are about 2.5
million immigrants from the Ukraine, and at least
fully half of them previously lived in
The Donbas.

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