The experts gave advice to the Russians on foreign currency transactions: should I now buy the dollar

The growth of the ruble followed by the verbal interventions of the Ministry of Finance. The main issues for residents of the Russian Federation now are these: is it worth it to buy dollars and euros, while they’re on the profitable position, and how long it will last ruble on the current bar?

The strong ruble – the ability to buy more currency to meet its obligations, such a statement made the day before the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov, reports “Russian conversation”.

The issue of buying currency in fact is very relevant, because soon the holiday season, and to purchase foreign currency at a favorable rate many would like.

According to experts, this has established a better offer.

Indeed, it is possible to notice an interesting trend: every year in the spring the ruble strengthened . So it was in 2015, and in 2016, although in the summer of last year we have not seen a serious weakening, but still the trend is clear.

Recommendations announced CEO of hedge Fund Volga-Capital Stanislav Masagin.

“If you plan a vacation, then now is a good time to purchase currency. It is obviously useful. Better to do it gradually and in advance. That dollar or Euro can be lower, it is not visible. At this level, unable to stand long enough. If from the point of view of investments or savings, I would try to stay away from all currencies”, – said the expert.

The Minister of economic development (MED) Maxim Oreshkin said on the positive trends, according to which inflation in Russia slowed to 4.5 percent in annual terms. He announced the forecast for the ruble.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, a leading analyst GK TeleTrade Peter Pushkarev spoke about the situation, which may occur in the foreign exchange market in the near future.

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