The father of “the Beatles” and “rolling stones”: he left the life of Chuck berry

On his 90th birthday, the artist said that the records the album “Chuck”, which was supposed to come out in 2017 and become the first job for the last 38 years. However, she was not destined to see the light. Police Department County of St. Charles, Missouri, reported in social networks about the death of the performer. In the afternoon of 18 March, he lost consciousness at home and to revive it, alas, failed. It seems as though even at the end of last year, the leader of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister, left the door to another rock-and-roll world open in 2016 followed by a huge number of musicians. Fatal wheel continues to rotate so far.

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Chuck Berry

At the request of the family the cause of death was not disclosed. In the story long ago entered the phrase of John Lennon: “If you try to find a rock-n-roll another name, it will be the name of Chuck berry” . However, even then, she only became a confirmed genius this artist was that he was able to lay the Foundation for rock ‘ n ‘ roll. Created in 1955, the song “Johnny B. Goode” became not only the best guitar song of all time in the foreign versions of the magazine “Rolling Stone”, but was recorded on a gold plate probe Voyager sent into space as one of the best music samples, ever created by mankind. In the list of “100 greatest singers” musician takes the 5th place, in addition, he became one of the first people inducted into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll, and also entered into the Hall of fame award “Grammy” for the special contribution to music and the development of the recording industry.

His entire extraordinary life, which has stories on the verge of the myth and reality itself could serve as the Foundation for several rock-fighters. He was born into a large Negro family in 1926. In 1941, gave their first concert, and in 1944, while still in school, robbed with friends in Kansas using a broken gun, three shops and one car, for which the whole company was sentenced to 10 years in prison. While under arrest, Barry continued his musical experiments, gathered a Quartet, and at 21, he was released early. Upon his release, Chuck was married, and soon he and his wife, a daughter, and he actively did for a living, picking virtually any activity was a worker at the automobile plant, a beautician, and in parallel began to play in small clubs of St. Louis, the seasoning traditional, country Blues elements.

In 1953 he created with johnny Johnson Johnnie Johnson Trio, and 55 met the owner of Blues label Chess Records Leonard Cessam and recorded the famous single “Maybellene”, which immediately took 1st place in the American charts and was sold over 1 million copies. Flushed with this success, Chuck was one after the other to produce the hits – “Thirty Days”, “Roll Over Beethoven”, “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”, “Rock and Roll Music,” “Sweet Little Sixteen”, etc. in Parallel, berry traveled a lot on tour and starred in the films “rock, Rock, rock” and “Go, johnny, go!”.

At the height of his fame, he, in a cruel twist of fate, were involved in the trial, which was connected with the cloakroom of his club in St. Louis, engaged in prostitution. The artist was fined $ 5,000 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. In the end, he was held in prison for 3 years, but in that moment, despite the forced pause in his career, was so-called “British invasion”. The cover versions of the famous song, berry began to play literally all of the new English bands, including The Beatles and Rolling Stones, said about the enormous influence that had on them Chuck. All his many albums and singles he has actively recorded until 1979 (a total of 51 single and 20 Studio records), and then fully focused on touring and appeared on the scene, as much as she could force, visiting with several concerts in the last years of his life and Russia.

Berry disappeared in world culture, having their roots: under his song “You Never Can Tell” dance their famous dance in pulp fiction John Travolta and Uma Thurman in the movie Back to the future Chuck rings in 1955, his cousin Marvin and gives to listen to “Johnny B. Goode”, which takes Marty McFly, the actor became the character in the picture “Cadillac records” and the songs of Russian rock band “Alisa” “once Again in America.” It is known to very many curious facts. For example, it is significant that his music is listened to by both white and black people of America, berry has combined it with their songs, which, incidentally, first raised the issues of how the experience of the youth before him, nobody did.

Arriving in a new city on tour, Chuck is surely found his favourite local team and jammed along with it. He always played for $ 2,000, regardless of the volume of the hall and the number of audience. The most successful the musician is the album “The London Chuck Berry Sessions”. Apart from a few clubs, he opened his entertainment center, “berry Park”. The history of the legend continues to live on in his songs, and memory in contemporary musicians around the world, which it has had a powerful influence.

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