The FBI found no evidence of “wiretapping” of trump tower

From open sources

The head of the FBI James Komi said that he had no evidence put forward in support of the President of the United States Donald trump’s accusations about the organization of former President Barack Obama “wiretapping” of its towers in Manhattan, during the election campaign. About Komi said at the hearings in Congress, reports Reuters.

“With respect to presidential tweets about illegal wiretapping, organized against him by the chief of staff, I have no information to confirm this,” said Komi.

Also, the head of the FBI confirmed that it conducted investigation into the possible influence of Russia on the presidential elections in the United States. It also checks whether there is a connection between campaign trump and Moscow.

Komi did not disclose details on the classification of the investigation. He noted that his statements are not allegations and the investigation continues .

Recall that the FBI confirmed it is investigating a possible RF interference in the U.S. presidential election.

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