The film is about the Volyn massacre have received the main movie awards in Poland

WARSAW, March 21. /Offset. TASS Irina Polina/. The new film by Polish Director Presentation Starovskogo “Volyn” on the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists against the poles during world war II, received the main award of the largest Polish film awards “Eagles.” The Polish film Academy on Monday evening announced the winners during a ceremony in Warsaw.

Tape “Volyn” also received the audience award.

The film is set in the period from the spring of 1939 to the summer of 1943. The script was written based on the novel “Hate” the Polish poet Stanislaw Srokowski, who talks about the criminal activities of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA prohibited in Russia) against Polish civilians. The filming was attended by 130 actors, including 30 from Ukraine.

In the painting through the lives of several families and the main character Zosia tells the story of the burning of villages, scenes of massacre, rape, bullying, including newborns, sets of crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists. Demonstrated and responsive action, perfect poles, who wanted to avenge their families.

Against hatred


An unnecessary war
The second world war in facts and figures

“My main goal was to create a film aimed against hatred and nationalism,” said Slagowski during meetings with journalists. According to the author, he would not want this tape was used for political purposes, however, as he believes it inevitably “provoke the very return of this theme”. “First there will be shock, but when emotions subside, this film will help to establish honest and based on truth in dialogue,” added the author.

Award “Orly”, which is called the Polish “Oscar”, awarded in Poland for the 19th time. This year in the main competition of feature films, took part 51 picture, in the section documentary film 92. In a separate competition presented 10 of the series.

Volyn tragedy

The organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN banned in Russia), a far – right political organization that operated mainly in Western Ukraine. To achieve this goal – the creation of an independent Ukraine, the OUN relied on the use of extremist means, including terrorist acts. During the Second world war, the OUN in cooperation with the German intelligence agencies began the struggle against Soviet power. In 1943 she organized the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA).

From February 1943, Ukrainian nationalists began a campaign to destroy the Polish population of Volhynia. The climax of the punitive operation has reached 11 July 1943, when the units of the OUN – UPA attacked about 100 Polish towns. Victims of a steel about 100 thousand persons, mostly women, children and the elderly. These events are called Volyn massacre.

The Polish Sejm on 22 July 2016, decided that the crimes of the OUN – UPA against the poles in Volhynia in 1943-1944 called genocide. Adopted by the decision of the Polish Parliament established July 11 as a National day of remembrance of poles – victims of genocide committed by OUN – UPA.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 8 September adopted a retaliatory decree, which condemned the decision of the Polish Sejm. According to the document, Parliament believes that the Polish Parliament has given politically and legally incorrect assessment of the tragic pages of Ukrainian-Polish history regarding the events in Volhynia.

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