The former candidate in Vice-presidents of the United States Sarah Palin accused the Russian Federation in the claims on resources of Alaska

Sarah Palin

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NEW YORK, April 21. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Russia has been actively pressing claims on natural resources of Alaska. With this statement made in the broadcast channel CNN, the former Governor of the U.S. state of Sarah Palin, who was a 2008 candidate for Vice-President of the United States.

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The journalist asked Palin to comment on took place this week, the flights of strategic bombers-Tu-95 Air and space forces of Russia at the coast of Alaska. “We always have to be careful if we hear that Russia is doing something off the coast of Alaska,” said the ex-Governor . She also drew attention to the fact that the location of the state is of particular importance from a strategic point of view and for the defense of the United States.

“People don’t understand that Russia has for many years physically marks the seabed, where there are minerals, making claims on resources that in fact belong to the United States, said Palin. Under the water are the resources of Alaska: minerals, oil, gas. Russia was acting really aggressive, claiming to be them, setting marks”.

“Under the administration of (former U.S. President Barack) Obama for many years, we never fought back. We didn’t say, “Hey, get off our territory, it’s ours, ‘” continued Palin. – I think it draws attention to how close Russia is to us, to Alaska, to our resources, and that they (the Russian side) are doing, to intimidate, to give a signal to America, just to try to qualify for some of our resources.”

“I think now more people will think about it, they will require the current administration to start to fight back and to achieve what belongs to us”, – concluded the ex-Governor. Palin did not explain on what resources of Alaska claims, in its opinion, Russia. She also did not specify who and where tagged, she mentioned.

The former Alaska Governor expressed confidence that with the new US President Donald trump Washington will actively take a leading role in solving international problems, but will not “interfere in the Affairs of other States” and “to implement regime change”.

About Sarah Palin

Palin was Governor of Alaska 2006-2009 In 2008, Senator John McCain, then extended to candidates of the Republican party on a post of the US President, chose Palin as a candidate for Vice-President. The presidential race was won by Democrat Barack Obama.

Palin was one of the first known representatives of the Republican party, spoke in the support of trump during the presidential race of 2016. She participated in election campaign of the Republican.

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