The former head of the FSB, Kovalev explained why the U.S. intelligence services may hate trump and all the ways to complicate his work

Some security officers of the United States could very negatively perceive the coming to power of Republican Donald trump, and as a result insert the new President spoke in the wheel as you go.

According to “Russian conversation”, referring to the publication “Inetrface”, an opinion voiced by the former head of the FSB Nikolay Kovalevym. He currently holds the position of Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.

According to him, us intelligence agencies are full of employees who worked during the election period to the late state leader Barack Obama. Thus, they expressed the hope that a certain continuity in the face of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Kovalev believes that the secret services without unnecessary sympathies belonged to the billionaire, known for his loud statements.

“Part of the secret service personnel that upset with trump and no vision can work (against the President – ed.) to hide something, they do not see the future prospects,” he said.

We will remind, not so long ago in mass media there was information according to which trump does not receive fully from U.S. intelligence information, as the latter are seriously concerned about leaks.

However, such rumors were denied by the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo shortly after the spread.

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