The former head of the ROVD in Makhachkala, Rustam Abdurakhmanov threw a grenade into the courtyard and left the threatening note

Today, June 19, unknown persons threw in the yard of the former head of the police Department in Makhachkala Rustam Abdurakhmanov grenades.

According to information released by telegram channel Mash, the former head of the Buinaksk ROVD left the yard 3 grenades. As a result, 2 of them exploded.

Also Abdurakhmanov attackers left a note that threatened to throw another grenade into the bedroom.

“Calm down,” demanded the criminals from the Colonel.

At present militiamen find out all the causes and circumstances of the shocking incident.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, Moscow, teenagers straight from the roof was thrown into the guards grenade. All this took place to the cries of “Smash the cops!”

Recall that the attacker threw two grenades at the law enforcement officers who arrived to storm the house .

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