The French gave the victory to the Macron debate

The macron gave victory in the debate

In the first televised debate, viewers gave the victory to the independent candidate.

Emmanuel macron won the first televised debate, which took place last night, March 20. The victory of former Minister of the economy according to a survey of viewers consulting group Elabe, conducted for the BFMTV channel.

Macron was named the “most convincing” – 29% of viewers voted for him, and one in five (20%) voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The principal competitors of Makron, the leader of the far-right marine Le Pen and conservative Francois Fillon – has taken the third place in ranking with the same result of 19%. Speech Benoit Amon approved 11% of respondents.

While one in three (30%) of viewers said Macron “best project for France,” Fillon – 20%, Le Pen 19% and Mélenchon – 16% and Amun – 14% .

Answering the question “which candidate has the best qualities to become President?”, 31% of viewers called Macron, 24% of Fillon, 17% Le Pen, 15% of Mélenchon and 11% – Amon.

Thus in terms of “understanding people” won Mélenchon (26%). Le Pen scored on this option, 24%, macron – 23%, Fillon 14% and Amon – 13%.

In the voting took part 1157 viewers.

Recall, for the presidency of France will fight the 11 candidates.

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