The French interior Ministry denied the death of a second policeman in a shooting in Paris

The official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France Pierre-Henri Brande said on Thursday evening to reporters in Paris, which from his wounds after the shooting on the Champs Elysees died only one policeman.

“Contrary to some common information, there is no other police officer who died,” said brand. According to him, two more guards were seriously injured, they are engaged in medical service.

“Identification of the assailant have not yet produced a clear manner, any information that is transmitted (it – if), not confirmed,” – said the source media.

“A priori there was only one assailant,” he added.

Brand described the situation: “a Man got out of the car and opened fire on the police car, fatally wounding one of the police Prefecture of Paris. This man tried to run down the sidewalk, aiming at the police officers (…). Other police killed the attacker. The quarter was surrounded . The operation of the police continues, therefore it is requested to avoid this area, so she could held in the most peaceful situation.”

The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that in other areas of Paris are not marked other such incidents, and urged the media to be careful to the corresponding messages.

Meanwhile, media continue to report the alleged hit-and-run the second assailant, who arrived in France from Belgium by train, but with the caveat that this is not confirmed by the investigation.

There is also information that the victim of the perpetrator was known to the intelligence services of France, as people that pose a potential threat to public safety.

The French interior Ministry in these moments holds a crisis meeting with President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Bernard Kazneva.

Earlier it was reported that unknown persons opened fire on the Champs Elysees from a Kalashnikov, killing one policeman and wounding another. Later came reports of the death of the second victim. The assailant was killed, however, as reported in the media, criminals was two, and one of them managed to escape from the scene. Later there were also reports of new gunfire near the scene of the attack.

The police have not yet put forward official versions of the incident.

The shooting occurred in the area of metro station “Franklin Roosevelt”. In connection with the incident blocked part of the city center, closed to three metro stations – “Franklin Roosevelt”, “George V” and “Shang-Elize-Clemenceau”.

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