The German government has received the report from intelligence agencies about Russia’s attempts to destroy the Union of Europe and the USA

Amid alleged Russian involvement in hacker attacks in the midst of election campaign in the United States the German intelligence provided to the government report, which States that within a few years, Moscow actively tries to influence the partnership of the European Union and the United States, trying to destroy the close Alliance between the countries of the West.

According to the German newspaper Spiegel, German intelligence services received from the government the job to perform Russian activity aimed at sowing distrust and social conflicts in the established Union between Europe and the United States, according to “Russian conversation” .

From the report, the work of two agencies – the Federal intelligence service and the Office for the protection of the Constitution should be that Moscow is allegedly using its mechanisms of influence on the policies of Western countries and in recent years, trying to strengthen the contradictions between Brussels and Washington.

“Moscow deliberately trying, especially in the West, to exacerbate existing social conflicts. Russia is also seeking to cast doubt on the idea of close Alliance with the United States”, – writes the edition.

Any evidence of Russian interference in the politics of Western countries of the question, however, the government now intends to make public the full report to the public and the Bundestag.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the US President-elect Donald trump saw the report of National intelligence from January 6 the evidence of Russian interference in the presidential election, still believing that American intelligence agencies and disloyal to him media publish “fakes”.

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