“The great wall” Matt Damon and “Moonlight”: what to watch in the cinema at the weekend

Still from the film “the Great wall”

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This weekend in Russian theaters in wide release out several high-profile world premieres. Among the most anticipated – the “Great wall” with Matt Damon in the title role. The film was removed Zhang Yimou is the author of the legendary pictures “House of flying daggers”. Also this week begins the screening of three works nominated in 2017 for “Oscar”: in the film “Moonlight”, “lion” and the animated film “Red turtle”.

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“The great wall”, directed by Zhang Yimou

Sino-American blockbuster with Matt Damon (“Good will hunting”, “the Departed” and a series of movies about Jason Bourne), Willem Dafoe (the trilogy “spider-Man”, “the Boondock Saints”, “Hotel “Grand Budapest”) and Pedro Pascal (the TV series “Game of thrones”, “the Mentalist” and “homeland”) in the lead roles . The film was made by Zhang Yimou, who created the legendary Chinese film “Hero” and “House of flying daggers”.

“The great wall” became the most expensive film shot in China. The film’s budget was $150 million (for comparison – the same cost the first film “transformers” Michael Bay). The film is Yimou tells the story of how the defenders of the great wall of China in the middle Ages, defending from attacks of monsters. The main character William (Matt Damon) wants to help the Chinese soldiers, for what willing to sacrifice their own life.

“Moonlight” Director Barry Jenkins

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Told in three parts of the drama about the life of African-American Chiron: child, teenager and adult men. It grows in Miami in the heyday of drug trafficking, and experiencing the collapse of family and conflict with peers, grows up and is in the search itself. Gradually Chiron understands that differs from their peers not only their ideas, but also sexual orientation.

On “the Gold globe” the film was considered one of the favorites, but could get only one statue out of six possible. In addition, the picture claims to be the “Oscar” in 8 nominations, including best picture. And the star of the TV series “house of cards” and “Lie to me” was Maharshal Ali for participating in the “Moonlight” may get the award for best actor the second plan.

Lion, directed by Garth Davis

Another nominee for the “Oscar-2017” in the category “Best film”. Drama about how a lost five-year-old boy from Calcutta named Sarah tries to find her parents. After 20 years of living in a family of Australians who took him in and took from the orphanage, he decides to return to his mother.

The script was developed by Luke Davies based on the autobiography of Sarah Brierley “Long road home”. The film starred Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara. In addition to the main nomination “Oscar”, the film may receive awards in five categories, including best adapted screenplay and best role of the second plan.

“Paterson”, Director Jim Jarmusch

Comedy from cult American Director Jim Jarmusch, who gave the world the movie “Dead man”, “Coffee and cigarettes” and “will Survive only lovers”. The main role in the film was played by Adam Driver, known for the films “Star wars: the force awakens” and “Silence”.

Paterson is both the name of the main character, and the name of the city in the state of new Jersey. The hero, played by Driver, works as a bus driver and in his spare time writes poetry. Paterson and dreams to publish his work, daring to read them only to his beloved wife Laura. But one small event changes his plans.

“Walk, John”, Director Roman Karimov

This content may contain scenes of tobacco use. SMOKING IS HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH.

A young provincial named Mitya jokingly makes a proposal to his girlfriend. However, her father whether accidentally, or have been waiting for this, then assigns a date for the wedding. All would be nothing if the film was already married. The main character returns to his town to urgently get a divorce.

But despite the fact that the spouses no longer live together, his wife MITI, Vasilisa (or just Bob), doesn’t want to let him go. She demands to show him his bride. Mitya finds the first available girl – waitress Cindy and asks her to play for an hour the role of the beloved. But the Scam does not succeed because Bob this is not enough. Mitya asks Nastya to play his girlfriend for a little bit, but here comes the real guy the waitresses – Max.

“The red turtle”, directed by Michael Dudok de wit

Animated film about a man trapped on a desert island after a shipwreck. The main character tries to escape by building a raft and going out into the open sea. But to leave the island prevents him big red turtle. All attempts to leave the earth fail – the animal releases the man. But one day, the turtle turns into a beautiful girl.

The tape created by the Dutch animation Director and Illustrator Michael Dudok de wit. The cartoon was filmed at the legendary Studio “Ghibli”, which is owned by Hayao Miyazaki. “Red turtle” is nominated this year for an Oscar as best animated film.

“Not matter what”, directed by mark Rothemund

The main character is Salia, more than anything, dreams about training in the most prestigious hotel in Munich. And it turns out he is a young man is interviewed and gets a job as a waiter. But the fulfillment of his dreams can hinder what the youth sees almost nothing.

With the help of my friend max, the waiter, who in one day with the main character got to the hotel Saleh is trying to hide problems with vision. But the legend turns out to support only as long as the young man meets a girl. The film is based on his autobiography “My blind date with life” (Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben) is a famous German businessman Salii Kahawatte.

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