The Guardian: In Canada surged an incredible flow of refugees from the USA

The increasing number of asylum-seekers and illegal arriving from the US to Canada, causing serious concern to canadian politicians about what they may face a Horde of refugees who evade the immigration policy of U.S. President Donald trump.

With the beginning of the year hundreds of persons
asylum seekers have passed through the Park in the U.S. state of Washington
the direction of canadian British Columbia. Others made their way through
snow-covered fields on the border between Minnesota and Manitoba maple or crossed
forest between new York and Quebec.

According to the canadian
border services (CBSA), in February, the Quebec land border with
New York, Vermont and Maine, the number of applications for asylum compared with
the last year has increased six-fold.

As reported by canadian media, in
February 2017 upon arrival at the Quebec shelter asked 635 (for
compared to 99 in February 2016) . In January, the same request to Canada turned
452 people, which is 230% more than in January 2016.

We have previously reported that in Canada, police killed a citizen of Russia. In addition, in the canadian province of Alberta from the taps flowing very strange water.

The Guardian reports – translation version
“Russian Conversation”

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