The Hawaiian Islands caught a previously unseen strange creature

Residents of the Hawaiian town of Kailua was confused when I found bizarre sea creature has washed ashore. Only after some time, the local biologist was able to identify this animal. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As it was established,
this kind of octopus is called in the scientific world bumagny Nautilusa. It
a unique creature is rarely seen, which is why his appearance caused such a stir,
the expert told.

Visit the above
the creatures were short, but after posing the creature returned to his native

The carcass of a previously unseen sea monster washed up on the shores of Indonesia.

The footage, captured on a place of detection of a sea giant, shocking.
There are various versions as to what kind of creature
washed up on the shore.

Local fishermen believe that the remains belong to a giant squid. Others believe that it’s a dead humpback whale .

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