The head of the Ministry of coal industry expects “Naftogaz” schedule of gas injection into UGS

The Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik expects that national joint-stock company (NAK) “Naftogaz Ukraine” will present the Ministry with their plans and calculations on the injection of natural gas into underground storage (UGS).

“The plan of 17 billion cubic meters on October 1, 2017, but so far, that the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has not filed its plan for filling UGS” – he said during selector meeting on preparation for heating season in Kyiv on Monday.

As reported, in preparation for the heating season 2016/2017 years Ministry of coal industry and “Naftogaz Ukraine” have disagreed about the volume of gas in underground storage facilities, which the country should enter winter. The NAC considered the formation of sufficient reserves in the amount of 14.5-15 billion cubic meters, while the Ministry insisted on the accumulation of 17 billion cubic meters.

In the end the heating season 2016/2017 years Ukraine started in mid-October, with reserves of 14.7 billion cubic meters and finished it in late March with reserves of 8.1 billion cubic meters.

Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers the plan of measures on preparation of the energy for the autumn-winter period 2017/2018 years suggests that Ukraine until November 1, 2017 must accumulate in UGS 17 billion cubic meters of gas. A graph of the accumulation of gas should be developed before 1 July.

As of 17 June 2017 gas reserves in UGS of Ukraine are 10,851 billion cubic meters, which is 34% higher than on March 22, when they were the smallest ones gas reserves in UGS this year.

In 2016, the total selection of gas from storage exceeded its pumping 2 billion cubic meters of natural Selection for the year amounted to 8 billion 390,68 million cubic meters, pumping in 6 billion 388,74 million cubic meters.

Ukrtransgaz, 100% owned by NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, operates a system of trunk pipelines and 12 underground gas storages of the country with a total capacity of 31 billion cubic meters.

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