The heroine Grammy Adele asked Beyonce to be her mother

Surprises always accompany the Grammy Awards, like being part of the Director’s vision. Around award of the American recording Academy is constantly ignite serious passion. The champion by quantity of the won “Gramophones” suddenly becomes a new star, as it happened last year with Sam Smith, some artists are starting to resent the injustices of the results (perhaps one of the main lovers quarreling — rapper Kanye West). This year he ignored the event in protest, believing that the jury is mired in racism and, therefore, discriminare black performers. The March of musical dissent was joined by Drake and very white-skinned Justin Bieber. They also found discrimination, albeit in a different sense, saying that the Academy is not paying enough attention to young musicians. But it seems that the lack of one is not much upset, and 59th award ceremony will be remembered not by things, but rather how stars supported each other . And while our pop celebrities only clean their feathers and sharpening their tongues on the eve of the imminent ceremony ZD Awards, “W.” meets another “fateful” outcome of the main, perhaps the world music awards.

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Adele in tears…

All chances to get the maximum amount of statues was beyoncé, presented in 9 categories. In 2016, the singer recorded an album with Lemonade, which debuted on the first line of the main hit parade of the Billboard 200, and 12 tracks in parallel, it hit the top Billboard 100. In the work, where the songs were accompanied by a visualization — hour film, was attended by many producers and a few singers. The artist has set a new record previously owned by rapper DMX, and became the first performer, all albums which started with the first position in the main US charts. The output of the Lemonade was preceded by the single Formation, the video for which is acknowledged in the end, best music video.

The singer, always brooding over militant feminism in the creative message (for which many are not just loved and adored) told him that all their recent songs she has written “about the journey of women to self-knowledge and healing.” Apparently, philosophy has been inspired by the preparation for motherhood. However, in contrast to our pregnant pop heroine Polina Gagarina Beyonce she was expecting twins and does not hide the wide dresses rounded tummy, and Vice versa — annoying dismisses him in front of the eyes of the public, like the male peacock’s tail. Its present performance in Los Angeles has become, perhaps, if not musically, then visually, the most striking room of the show: on stage, she appeared in not one of his firebirds, not the Indian goddess in a luxurious gold dress with a tiara on her head, read in between more singing the mantra of respect women in the family, love and happiness of motherhood. The whole world nearly collapsed into a coma, when the chair on which the artist village, suddenly fell back, but still frozen in the air, when it seemed that a pregnant diva that’s it fall to the ground, like Madonna caught on the MTV in fancy dress. In General, the wonders of staging were amazing.

Beyonce 62 times was nominated for “Grammy” and have 20 “of Gramophones”, gradually approaching the record Alison Krauss, gathered in the entire history of 27 “Olympic” music awards. At the last ceremony enchanting Bi narrowed the gap by another two awards, also received the prize for best album in the niche category urban, but still did not become prom Queen. “Mirror, mirror” treacherously sang her another song.

The Queen is now Adele — with luxury bouquet of five figurines, and in the major categories (album, song, recording, best vocal performance and pop vocal album) for the song “Hello” and album “25”. The latest work was born literally in agony. The previous one (“21” artist is consistent in choosing names) came out 5 years ago. The long break was due to the fact that in 2012, the singer gave birth to a child more than a year and could not seriously engage with new material. In 2013, he performed at the Grammys hit Skyfall, which became the soundtrack to the next series of James bond, and went to work.

The first session was unsuccessful, and the album, when he was ready, Adele called too boring. However, according to the delight of fans and the results of the ceremony, the actress is rather too critical of yourself than boring, and prize it became obvious. When she went to do a tribute to memory of George Michael Fastlove, she thought, let the cock, and apologized, stopped the performance to re-join again. Even matagouri on the whole, you know, all-American live. Hall from such blemishes only wound up even more. And in the final, knowing that “25” was named best album, and does not cope with emotions, burst into tears and turned with sensual speech to rival Beyonce’s: “For me the best album of this year is yours. Lemonade is so poignant and monumental record that no other does not go to any comparison, nearly tearing it in his breast a lush green dress. I love you and will always love you! Thank you!” This sincere recognition of the sensitive Briton, however, is a little bare, and she stated that she would like herself to be the daughter of beyoncé! Viewers watched shaped idyll: “I love you too!” — shouting Beyonce out of the room, brushing away a tear. Right Alla Pugacheva and Sofia Rotaru the historic kiss at some of the “Blue lights”… By the way, there’s no telling when the two divas would meet at the forum: at a recent solo concert Adele said that he was leaving the scene for some time, however, cheered the fans: “I’ll be back in a couple of years. You’re not getting away from me!”

In second place after Adel’s world, but posthumously, was David Bowie, that by many observers was seen not only as a sensation and a scandal. During the life of the great musician was not very favored by the awards and attention this ceremony. Had Konstantin Raikin to the list “necrophilia”, which is “I love the dead more than alive”, adding, perhaps, a Grammy now. The latest album of a rock God Blackstar, a self-titled song from her and the clip became the best alternative album, rock song and rock performance. The last leap year gathered, alas, a harvest of deaths, including among musicians. Apart from George Michael, David Bowie and Prince, whose song with piercing and crazy head sang Bruno Mars, artists are remembered and other colleagues, who passed away in 2016. On the screen there was a big plaque from their portraits.

Despite the loss, there were new heroes, Pets is already more than the younger generation. Team Twenty One Pilots, who was nominated in five categories, as Adele, and crazy teenagers, including in Russia, received the collective award for best pop performance and best new artist was recognized as the young singer Chance the Rapper, who took away a “Best rap album”, ahead of the mother of Kanye West and Drake. By tradition, the ceremony was music of various genres, which formed unexpected tandems, such as Metallica and Lady Gaga, dense boldly into the crowd. Together with leading British actor James Korden — the audience went through several eras, the scene has transformed into a city of the future, in the hall of the old mansion, in a disco club, a cosy bar where you can enjoy classic jazz. Judging by the General trend, foreign music is becoming more eclectic, and artists, like chemists-experimenters, prepare for listeners a dangerous mix of elements of different styles.

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