The Internet got footage of dead bodies of aliens that crashed in 1947

Ex-employee space NASA said that in 1947 crashed flying saucer. In turn, in the official version of the U.S. air force voiced a version of a balloon. The late Lieutenant Col Ellison Onizuka, who died in the explosion of the space Shuttle Challenger in 1986, managed to tell to the death of the most famous and inexplicable incident in the world involving UFO to my colleague, Clark McClelland. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Later witnesses
admitted that in a stranded ship was the alien body, which together with
fragments of the aircraft were taken to a mysterious top-secret
military base in Nevada.

When Onizuka saw that
in secret movie began to show a medical room with a small
bodies lying on the table or stove.

According to the scientist,
small, strange creatures resembled humanoids, who were seen by witnesses in
Roswell in 1947 .

Earlier, the resident of Omsk took video of the alien ship.

As stated by scientific
figures, most often people confuse the alien ships with the satellites that explore
the surface of the Earth.

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