The investigation could not confirm the authenticity of the radar data in the case of MH17

MH17 plane crash victim



The result in the Netherlands could not confirm the authenticity of the radar data, transferred from Russia.

The public Prosecutor’s office still could not ascertain the authenticity of the radar data transferred from the Russian criminal investigation of the crash MH17, and what is in them, because of the unusual format in which they were provided. This is stated in the statement of the Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands, published Thursday on the official website.

“There are still many uncertainties regarding the radar images that were transmitted RF criminal investigation on the accident flight MN17. This is mainly due to unusual and atypical format that has been provided by radar images. Therefore, so far it is impossible to ascertain their authenticity and that they represented”, – said in a statement.

As explained in the Dutch Prosecutor’s office, usually the Agency for the control of traffic to exchange information using so-called format ASTERIX. The statement noted that although ICAO does not oblige to apply this format, but the manual States that it is a useful standard.

“The ASTERIX format is internationally recognized and used worldwide. The data in the ASTERIX format can be studied and verified and subject to manipulation and errors reliable way. Publication on the websites associated with the Russian authorities indicate that the Russian Federation applies the format of ASTERIX”, – said the Prosecutor’s office.

At the same time, as noted in office of public Prosecutor of the Netherlands, Russia did not provide data in ASTERIX format.

“To analyze the image, the Russian authorities have added a separate software without manual. This software was written in Russian, so must be translated. After that the software should be tested for functionality and reliability,” – said in a statement.

As noted in Prosecutor’s office, only then the data could be analyzed.

“Transferred data show less than if materials were provided in accordance with the format ASTERIX. At the same time, the Prosecutor’s office ordered the external examination”, – stated in the message.

In addition, as noted, the investigators informed the Federation that they plan to send an additional request.

In the public Prosecutor’s office also reported that the analysis of these data requires a long time.

As reported, on September 28 last year, the international Joint investigation group headed by the public Prosecutor’s office announced the results of the investigation confirmed that the missile complex “Buk”, from which the plane was shot down Malaysian airlines MH17, was delivered from Russia after a rocket launch from the occupied territories exported back to Russia.

A few days before the announcement of the results of Russia suddenly announced that it found the primary radar data that investigators unsuccessfully demanded from Moscow within two years, while the investigation lasted. At the same time, representatives of the Joint investigation team at a press conference on the day of announcement of the results in the Hague stated that it never received the data. The investigators stressed that their version is not proved and is based on a large amount of evidence.

In October last year the Minister of security and justice of the Netherlands ARD van der Sture reported that Russia handed over to the Dutch Embassy in Moscow a packet of information regarding the crash of Boeing MH17, but said that it is unknown what is contained among these materials.

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