The Kremlin ballet opens season

In the State Kremlin Palace for the sixth time was the international festival of ballet. In the performances of the troupe “the Kremlin ballet” under the leadership of Andrey Petrov, this year the participation of world ballet stars from great Britain, Italy, USA, Bulgaria, Cuba and Russia.

Nicoletta Manni and Timothy, Andryushenko in the ballet “Giselle”.

This annual festival and one of the largest in Moscow, and this season (after the artistic Director of Music theatre. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Laurent Hilaire announced that a similar festival they have in the theater more was to be held) in this format, only one. The truth and the festival in the Kremlin, unlike past seasons was modest, significantly reducing the number of performances on it. In this, as last year, there were only five.

Opened the fest “the Nutcracker” in the version of Andrei Petrov . Was that the dance in this performance for the first time speaking in the Kremlin dancer from Bulgaria Nikola Hajiyeva. As at the Paris Opera in the edition of Nureyev the main hero Drosselmeyer, who in Marie’s dream becomes a Prince in the Nutcracker, and the lead male role thus increases almost twice.

Nikola in Moscow I remember from the time of his participation in the famous Moscow International ballet competition that every four years is held in Large. In 2005, he played for the Junior team and competed with by Ivan Vasiliev. Since then, Nicola grew up, became Prime Minister of the Sofia National Opera, and now to his dance a sense of mastery and artistic maturity.

Pleasantly surprised and his partner – quite unknown in Moscow March Petkova, speaking in “the Nutcracker” in the role of Marie. Surprised first of all its beautiful and cultivated a foot, ease and sparkle of the dance. And with it looked good and the whole troupe “the Kremlin ballet”, the female corps de ballet in “Waltz of delicate flakes”. Their “vortex” spins in this scene provoked the applause of the audience “the whirling Snow” (exclusive edition Petrova) Amir Salimov and Daniel of Roslanov. The Kremlin troupe generally boasts of its artistic and technical level. This time the festival shone with such dancers as Yegor Matusow, Irina Ablitsova, Natalia balahnicheva, Saori Koike, Xenia Cabinets, Alexander Timofeev, Dmitry Prusakov, Sergey vasyuchenko and many others.

It was in this “Nutcracker,” as well as in other festival performances, many of the inputs: in the first of their parties at the Kremlin forum came out of yesterday’s graduates of choreographic colleges Vladimir Piskarev, A. Soya, Arina Tomilin and others.

The main surprise of this festival is the participation of young and promising artists. Their celebrity status may not be as obvious, but the producer of the festival Aydar Shaydullin gave the Moscow audience a rare opportunity to observe the process of formation of future stars. So 23-year-old Timothy Andrushenko is only the artist of the corps de ballet of La Scala, but there is already dancing leading roles. Invited him to Milan theatre Mahar Vaziev (at that time current head of the Bolshoi ballet was headed by the ballet of La Scala), thus intercepting the initiative at Large, who failed to interest his offer the young dancer after winning (a gold medal in the Junior group) at the prestigious Moscow International competition in 2013.

For me in this game is important to touch the heart of every spectator– recognized me Timothy, Andreichenko after the performance. – And this production is very responsible, because the last time Giselle and I were dancing in November of last year, and then it was my first performance after injury. In General, it is only the fourth “Giselle”, which I dance. My debut at La Scala was in party of Alberta. Mahar hasanovic gave me the opportunity in it then to appear, and the first my partner in this performance, as today was Nicoletta Manni.

Polina Semionova and Ivan Zaitsev in the ballet “La Bayadere”.

To touch the hearts of the audience Timothy, Andriushenko managed. Their duet with the prima ballerina of La Scala theatre with Nicoletta Manni was in the second act of romantic clarity, harmony and profundity of feeling. Technically Timothy is very grown up, although his debut on the Kremlin scene was not without flaws, overall we have one of the potential leaders of a new generation. Pleased that my predictions about this artist, which I did, summing up four years ago, the results of Moscow competition, true.

These international ballet stars at this festival were only two: Polina Semionova representing the Berlin State ballet and the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and Vadim Muntagirov of the Royal ballet (Covent garden). Semionova out in one of the best classical performances of the Kremlin’s repertoire (“La Bayadere”, the editors Andris Liepa) in Nikia, despite the fact that recently gave birth to a child, was in great shape. The representative of the Moscow ballet school, she conquered the audience not only intact charisma, proud posture and a compelling game, but also the gracefulness of the dance, proving that today is one of the best classical ballet Prim in world space.

A match it was and partner, Prime Minister of the Mikhailovsky theatre Ivan Zaytsev, who was able to party him to show their beautiful appearance, but also academic training. Tall and stately, with beautiful long legs (unfortunately hidden under “pseudodisk trousers” of the Kremlin’s wardrobe, though the Director Andris Liepa danced the ballet in tights) and manly manners (which is now a rarity in ballet), he was struck not only by the texture, the beauty of the hanging pozirovat and high jumps, good covering of the giant stage of the Kremlin Palace. The last “universities” in the troupe of Boris Eifman, Ivan besides a fine actor. He contributed to the interpretation of party a lot of psychological nuances, reflecting the different emotional States of his character.

As was textured in “Swan lake” and the Prime Minister of the London Royal ballet Vadim Muntagirov, participating in the festival of stars in the Kremlin for the first time. Achieved international recognition a graduate of Perm College also impressed by its soft and pretty feet landed in perfect fifth positions and despite the only rehearsal was helpful and reliable gentleman, making a harmonious duet with Odette – Odile – American ballerina Sarah lane.

This year 33–year-old lane, the dancer who became famous in the acclaimed okaronon the movie “Black Swan” dance double movie star Natalie Portman – prima ABT. In the theater, committed to the education of their own staff and not the guest stars (especially Russian), she finally achieved the top position, where it has long avoided. Bypassed, I must say, not in vain. In the same Kremlin ballet, with whom the actress spoke, she would hardly have been able to get any party above carifesta. Charisma is a ballerina is, but pumped up the looks, height, and technique – short arms does not resemble a Swan, while American dancer and tried to “drive” them “the wave,” 28 instead of 32 fouettés, heavy jumps – all gave her “the weakest link” of the festival.

But very pleased with its performance Cubans, Adiarys Almeida and Taras, Domitro, dancers in the ballet world famous. At the time artists were in the West. However, today they have a full opportunity to speak and in Cuba. Hadiaris, worked at the Cincinnati ballet, then in Spain by angel Korai, then in Boston. Taras 9 years in San Francisco, and now tours the world as a freelance dancer. In spite of its Ukrainian roots (grandmother in Ukrainian dancer), in our country Taras Domitro for the first time.

Problems of Cuban dancers is almost the same as Sarah lane – small stature, short legs, excess bulk in the hips. But the technique she unlike American virtuoso. Partner is also given her, striking the imagination of seasoned ballet lovers. The owner of a huge jump and stage charisma, he was a natural and bold on stage, and together with Adiarys Almeida has created a feeling of “tsunami”. Energy dance of Cuban rolls over and beat over the edge.

Three years ago the festival, which essentially opens the ballet season in Moscow was a good idea to start its premiere. But with the premieres of “the Kremlin ballet” today “napryazhenka” because it is funded by the company (note, the third in Moscow after a lot of Musical theater), unfortunately, by a residual principle. The premiere did not happen today, but as we know, the next year she expected. Yes, still is! Negotiations are already completed, and the next, seventh fest is supposed to open the famous Boris Eifman’s ballet “Eugene Onegin”, which is the largest Russian choreographer takes with his assistants, especially on the Kremlin troupe!

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