The leader of the German social Democrats, is proposing to build a United States of Europe by 2025

The leader of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and ex-European Parliament President Martin Schulz, said that advocates for deeper integration between European countries and the formation by 2025 of the United States of Europe.

“I would like to see a constitutional Treaty on the basis of which would be built on a federated Europe,” said Martin Schulz, speaking at the Congress of the SPD in Berlin.

According to the head of the German social Democrats, in the creation of this document should take part the citizens of European countries, and the result of the integration process it would be possible to achieve by 2025.

While Martin Schulz said that after the drafting of the constitutional Treaty “to be submitted to the member countries of the EU, and those who disagree can leave the Union”.

Martin Schulz is one of the key participants in Germany, negotiations on formation of ruling coalition .

Previously, the EU has attempted to adopt a single European Constitution. So, in Rome in 2004 was signed an agreement on the introduction of a Constitution for Europe, which was to replace all previous founding treaties of the Union.

Against the ratification of the document voted by the Netherlands and France and, thus, the European Constitution was not in force.

Further, at the EU summit on 13 December 2007 in Lisbon, a Treaty was signed, designed to replace a Constitution for Europe. The Lisbon Treaty made significant changes to the EU’s system of governance. It was ratified by all 27 EU member States and entered into force in 2009.

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