The Lenin library put the first ever multi-language Bible of the SIXTEENTH century

The exhibit can be visited until 24 March, opened at the new venue of the Russian state library, in Ivanov’s room. It was a magnificent result of the work of the leading Russian book designers, who chose fifty rare books from more than 47 million publications stored in the library, which still collects all books, manuscripts, maps and sheet music published in Russia.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Most ivanovskomu hall recently turned 101 years. The building of the gallery was built in Starovagankovskiy lane in 1915, and almost immediately called Ivanovo, because there were exhibited a huge painting “the appearance of Christ to the people” Alexander Ivanov. In 1925, the “Phenomenon” was moved to the Tretyakov gallery, and Ivanovo hall during the war turned into a dining room for employees, then it was a warehouse, and, in the end, he was almost destroyed .

The designers had to solve a purely practical task – how to show to visitors the most impressive masterpieces in all their grandeur and completeness. After all, under glass, the book can only be opened on one page. And the solution was found. The hall is equipped with interactive monitors, which you can scroll through the most precious books. Additional comments of experts explaining important and interesting than this book.

Immediately attracted the attention of “the Bible. Complutense Polyglotta” (alcalá de Henares, 1517) – the first multilingual Bible (in the Hebrew, Chaldean, Greek and Latin languages), which is rightly considered the pinnacle of Spanish typographic skills. To print this book, had to make a new and improved characters for a set of texts in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and the Greek letters are considered the most beautiful of all the carved counterparts.

You can not go past the luxuriously published “Royal astronomy” by Peter Apian (Ingolstadt, 1540). Edition decorated with engravings with images of astronomical instruments and geometrical figures, painted by hand moving in circles-tables. In the book, a lot of devices consisting of several rotating dials. The text is presented in the form of an hourglass. It’s not even a book, and scientific computational center for observation of celestial bodies.

“Apostle” from the printers Ivan Fedorov and Pyotr Mstislavets (1564), the first exactly dated Russian book, an important element of which is the Epilogue, which first posted information about printers and objectives of the publication. This Liturgical book with the Epistles of the apostles and led a shabby leather-bound seems to be alive and modern.

An absolutely unusual work of El Lissitzky “the industry of socialism” (1935), dedicated to the VII all-Russian Congress of Soviets. Its purpose was to show “the new face of the Soviet Union”, what is the propaganda edition coped with a Bang in form and content.

– There are a lot of inserts, illustrations, plates with text, Windows, collages, and even a sheet with glued natural fabric (perhaps a piece from the skirt of Lily Brik – confirmation of nowhere, but the legend is, – conducted tour for “MK” the Deputy Director General for external relations and exhibition activities Natalia Samoilenko.

Unseen panoramas of the giant construction and manufacturing are accompanied by diagrams and tables and tips type “then and now”.

Very interesting exotic Tibetan, Persian, Arabic and Hebrew books with their outlandish the reading order.

On the second floor you can see the modern book – the best work of designers who participated in creating the exhibition project and has award largest exhibitions. On the wall demonstrates how the film, in which the authors talk about their path to the book design. Direct speech allows professionals to see the book integrally, to track what has changed in books over time, what has remained unchanged to the present day.

The library is in the process of digitization. Edition, free from copyright, you can not only read free but download in PDF. However, thanks to this exhibition many, probably, will change the attitude towards the book, as simple typing, and it will see a work of art and feel that the book in the age of electronic expansion would save her beauty.

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