The media lifted the veil, who started to “dig” for dirt on trump

The New York Times claims that wealthy supporter of the Republican party of the United States in 2015, hired a private firm Fusion GPS to collect dirt on elected President of the USA of Donald trump.

The journalists do not call the name of this person, however, point out that he was negatively disposed towards the Tramp being then a presidential candidate, reports “Russian conversation”.

To put a spoke in the wheel of a billionaire, he hired a private firm to collect information about the scandals associated with the business of trump, as well as its weaknesses.

The newspaper is also known that the investigation was helped by the dollar team and donors behind the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Collecting dirt on trump began in September of 2015 . Supposedly in June 2016, head of the Fusion GPS connected to the investigation of a former agent of the British external intelligence Agency Christopher Steele.

We will remind, the site BuzzFeed published a paper which tells that the alleged Russian agents have incriminating information on trump. The new occupant of the White house has called these rumors nonsense, and the resource that it has published, – “dump of fakes”.

According to trump, the American intelligence known about this incriminating evidence, she believes that the data contained in it are untrue.

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