The MEP from Latvia Tatyana Zhdanok pass euromanut to participate in elections in the Republic of

RIGA, 13 January. /Offset. TASS Maria Ivanova/. Member of the European Parliament (EP) from Latvia Tatiana Zhdanok will pass your mandate of a MEP, as it intends to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections this autumn in the Republic. This was announced on Saturday by TASS in the press service of the party “Russian Union of Latvia” (STGS), which is Zhdanok.

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The transfer of Russian schools in Latvia into the Latvian language has sparked protests

“The current 2018 decisive in the fate of the Russians of Latvia. It depends on us, to be or not to be Russian schools, whether we will defend the right to mother tongue for future generations”, – said there.

RSL made the decision to participate in parliamentary elections in Latvia, to lead the election campaign will be Zhdanok. “The most effective leadership for the campaign Zhdanok puts the powers of a Deputy of the European Parliament and soon returned to work in Latvia . Relay the representation of the party in the EP goes to Miroslav Mitrofanov. This ensures the continuity of political experience and opens the way to preserve the rostrum of the EP to voice the Russians of Latvia”, – specifies STGS.

Attempts to eliminate Russian schools

The ruling coalition of Latvia had previously been submitted to the Ministry of education reform, according to which the minority schools after three years will move to the teaching of almost all subjects in the state language. Russian pupils will learn only the language, literature and related culture and history objects.

This intention has caused a wave of discontent among Russian speaking residents of Latvia, which constitute about 40% of the population. Defenders of Russian schools have held a rally against the initiative of local authorities, attended by over a thousand and two thousands of the procession. On different sites and social initiatives are also gathering signatures against these plans.

The only official language in Latvia is Latvian, but Russian is a foreign one. From 1 September 2004 in the Republic there have already been triggered mass protests education reform in minority schools. The result was introduced a bilingual system of education in the senior classes of Russian schools in the Russian language it is possible to teach only 40% of subjects. After that local nationalists have sought to achieve a complete transfer of learning of children in all state and municipal schools of national minorities into Latvian language.

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