The militants are spreading “misinformation” about the alleged deployment of the APU on phenolic plant Turecka to discredit the ATO headquarters

The press center of the ATO headquarters said that the common individual online resources information about the alleged arrival at the phenol plant at Turecka (Donetsk region) of troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) of the armed forces of Ukraine, as well as on stay on the enterprise any APU units, is not true.

“On-site Tureckogo phenolic plant not placed any of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Military equipment and ammunition in the enterprise is not stored. This information is specifically placed by the enemy to create in society tension and discrediting the Armed forces of Ukraine”, – is spoken in the message published on Monday evening in the press center of the headquarters of social network Facebook .

At the headquarters of the operation noted that a number of Internet sites spread earlier false information, according to which the group NBC APU arrived at the phenol plant in Turecka “to assess the probable damage areas of the plant due to their use by units of the Ukrainian army”.

As you know, in town.Novgorod, located near the city Tarack, there is a factory “Inkor and Co” – the large manufacturer of coke products which includes coke production of “Phenolic plant” (Donetsk region) and briquetting factory (Donetsk).

NPO “Inkor and Co” coke recycles oil and produces technical and purified naphthalene, phenol, coal, orthocresol, decretal, tricresol, mixed fuel, corrosion inhibitors, as well as a binder for granular materials. The main supplier of raw coke products for the enterprise, in particular, naphthalene and phenol fractions, is a part of Metinvest group’s Avdiivka coke (Avdiivka coke).

The company is part of the coke and coal segment of the group “Metinvest”. Metinvest is a vertically integrated mining group of companies managing assets in every link of the production chain from the extraction of iron ore and coal and coke production up to the release of semi-and end products of steel pipes and coils and also manufacture other products with high added value. The group consists of mining and metallurgical enterprises located in Ukraine, Europe and USA and has sales network covering all key global markets.

The main shareholders of Metinvest are SCM group (71,24%) and “Smart holding” (from 23.76%), partnering in company’s management. OOO “Metinvest holding” – managing company of Metinvest group.

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