The Ministry of agriculture explained why you want to cancel retaliatory sanctions Russia

January 13, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov spoke at the Gaidar forum where he raised the issue of withdrawal of Russian kontrsanktsy.

He said that he and the Minister of economy in its future work should proceed from the fact that the Russian retaliatory sanctions will be lifted. The Minister of agriculture said about the long-term problems that could trigger the continued existence of the counter-sanctions, reports “Russian conversation”.

“All the players on the market now already become accustomed to such restrictions, and that’s too bad,” said first Deputy Prime Minister.

According to Shuvalov, now is a good time for the lifting of sanctions and opening of the market to foreign suppliers, as domestic suppliers have already received the necessary support and was able to find its niche .

It should be noted that once the European Union has extended economic restrictions against Russia until 31 January 2017, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev extended the retaliatory sanctions until 31 December of the same year.

Earlier, the Austrian foreign Minister and new OSCE Chairman Sebastian Kurz has offered to gradually lift sanctions against Russia for each step of Moscow “Minsk-2”.

Recall us senators introduced a bill which provides for the imposition of sanctions against investors in Russian energy projects. Dmitry Peskov said that the economy and the energy sector of Russia will be able to stand against the new restrictive measures of the United States, but the global economy might be hurt.

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