The Ministry of agriculture: strengthening of the ruble may result in a bad scenario for the economy for one simple reason

Following the strengthening of the state of the Russian currency can appear considerable losses in the field of export of domestic products produced by agricultural enterprises.

According to “Russian conversation”, with the assumption made in the television broadcast by the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

According to him, losses may occur in manufacturing industry and other sectors of the Russian economy.

“We must export the excess to 40 million tons, but the ruble has strengthened and strengthened. This, of course, to our export positions of serious disadvantage,” – said Tkachev.

He drew attention to the decline in the value of grain then, as Russia managed to obtain in recent years very large volumes, relying on export.

The Minister stressed that the fall in the dollar to a level of 57 rubles is not a disaster, but a strong influence on the economy of the state.

In the past 2016 record was recorded in the field harvesting for the entire period after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Farmers received about to 119.1 million tons of grain. This number is almost 14% higher than in 2015.

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