The Ministry of health commented on the possible ban of sale of alcohol at the weekend

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MOSCOW, July 17. /TASS/. The health Ministry is considering a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages, along with several other initiatives, said Monday in a press-service of the Ministry.

Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported that the strategy for formation of healthy lifestyle provided a measure prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages at the weekend.

“At the moment the expert community in the preparation of the strategy discusses the various initiatives aimed at reducing alcohol abuse, including additional measures to restrict the places and time of sale of alcoholic beverages. Any decisions on the matter by the Ministry were not accepted”, – reported in a press – Department service .

While the office also recalled that “at the present time, the regions have the authority to establish additional restrictions of time, conditions and places of retail sale of alcoholic products” up to a complete ban on the sale, which already allows them to impose such restrictions.

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Strategy HLS

The project of strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population, the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases for the period till 2025 to be finalized by MoH. The strategy contains measures to combat excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco Smoking, motivation of citizens to sport activities, as well as adherence to a healthy diet.

For commitment to healthy eating to prevent obesity in the draft strategy includes proposals such as reducing the time of advertisement of sausage and meat products on TV advertising of junk food, sodas and chips, as well as food labelling.

A healthy lifestyle is directly linked to the frequency of occurrence of non-communicable diseases. Noncommunicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and others) worldwide are a major cause of mortality.

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