The Ministry of health of Ukraine accused in the failure of the procurement of drugs for hospitals

KIEV, January 13. /TASS/. Federation of workers of health of Ukraine addressed the government with a request to prevent the collapse of the industry because of the failure of the Ministry of health (MOH) procurement of medications. This was stated by the head of Federation Vladimir Country in her video message to the government.

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“The medical community refers to the Ministry of health and directly to the government and the Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groysman on the inadmissibility of similar situations that happened in the national system of health,” he said. Country said that we are talking about the failure of drug procurement by the Ministry of health. “The purchase of 2015 was carried out up to the end of 2016. And at the end of the past has just begun a procurement programme that was financed during the year”, – he stressed .

The head of the Federation noted that as a result of the destructive policy of the Ministry of health, the field of cardiology, which has always been at a high level in the country was in a deplorable condition. “Ukrainian cardiologists put in such conditions that, of the ten patients, the doctor must choose whom to provide real help,” he said. Country recalled that the Ministry of health in 2016 also failed to purchase drugs for cancer patients buying only 10%, but said at the same time about one hundred percent security.

The head of the Federation also stressed that the Ministry is hiding from the public with objective information on the amounts, number and type of drugs purchased. According to him, the attempts of the medical community to obtain this information were not successful.

The Federation of employers of health urged the Ukrainian government and personally Prime Minister of Ukraine to resolve the situation with the procurement and to avert a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The state programme for cardiology

On the eve of the famous Ukrainian heart surgeon, Director of heart Institute of the Ministry of Ukraine Borys Todurov criticized the activities of the Ministry officials and Minister Uliana Suprun, leaving them responsible for thousands of lives of Ukrainian citizens. In particular, he was referring to the state program on cardiovascular diseases, which include the purchase of 364 million hryvnia (about $13.4 million at current exchange rates) supplies of first necessity, which could save tens of thousands of lives, but procurement was not conducted by the Ministry of health.

“You have not had this purchase. I absolutely responsibly declare and can repeat it in court that your negligence claimed more lives of Ukrainians than war in recent years,” wrote Todorov on his page in Facebook.

In response to the statement Todurov MOZ reported that purchases of heart disease medications through international organizations. The Ukrainian experts in the field of medicine noted that international procurement was not justified.

“The involvement of international organizations, which had caused the despair of all on the transparency and timeliness of procurement of drugs, showed that they are not able to work within the framework of the Ukrainian legislation,” – said the head of the Federation of employers of health of the Vladimir Countryside.

The failure of health care reform

The leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk said earlier about the need to start a criminal investigation against acting head of the Ministry of health Ulyana Suprun and her deputies because of the failure of the procurement of drugs for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, blockages of the heart Institute, but also because of the refusal to open branches in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, where the population and the military in General remained without cardiac surgical care.

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The politician is convinced that officials were foreigners failed healthcare reform and brought the industry to a complete collapse. According to Medvedchuk, and former Minister of health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili (Georgian footballer, have no medical education – approx. TASS), and the American with Ukrainian roots Suprun far from understanding the essence of problems and the real situation in the Ukrainian healthcare.

“Pharmacological war, opaque financing, corruption schemes, the resonant scandals have become an integral part of the activities of the Department in recent years, he said. All the reforms has been reduced to banal optimization: closure of hospitals, reduction in the rate of medical officers, the catastrophic decline in funding.”

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