The motorcycle racer Nifontova: stages of the Dakar after the rest day became a test

Anastasia Nifontova

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MOSCOW, January 13. /Offset. TASS Vasily Vavilin/. The organizers of the rally-marathon “Dakar” staged a real test for the riders after a rest day on 8 January. As told TASS before the start of the next stage of the motorcycle racer Anastasiya Nifontova, trouble newly added inclement weather.

“Immediately after the break, we waited for the marathon,” said the first Russian woman that takes part in the famous rally-RAID, explaining that the task of the athletes at the seventh stage he complicated the prohibition on receiving assistance from the mechanics. “Motorcycles were in a closed Park. To carry out some repairs could only be yourself or getting help from other racers,” said Nifontova .

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As an added team member of motor club “Moscow police”, the course of the race is also strongly influenced by heavy rains in Bolivia and Argentina, which some stages of the Dakar has been reduced, and some even canceled. “Many athletes and “Technicals” (machine-technical support – approx. TASS) reached the bivouac after the eighth stage detours along the washed out road,” said Nifontova.

Noted racer and complexity of one of the longest stages of the race – the 10th, with special stage length of 446 km “came Down from the mountains, and the temperature immediately jumped. In addition, the track reminded not rally, but rather is designed for motorcycle trials – so many large stones,” complained Nifontova.

The motorcycle racer told that the penalties have increased for missing checkpoints. “Yesterday (Thursday) for missing check-points fined 20 minutes and for an hour or two,” she said. “Sasha (Nifontova partner at the command of Alexander Ivanyutin) first got lost and at some point slipped from 30 to 80. In search of the checkpoint, he spent 40 minutes, but the penalty could have cost him two hours,” she added.

The day before the end of the rally-RAID debutants Nifontova and Epanutin is a 79-th and 35-th place in offset of motorcycles respectively.

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