The Network got the footage, the armor of the “Warrior” shot of the SVD and AK-103

The Network got footage of tests for strength of body armor from the Russian military equipment “Ratnik”. The remedy shot from a sniper rifle SVD and AK-103 with a distance of 10 meters. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In the annotation to the video
it is reported that the 7.62 mm bullets fired from a sniper rifle
deformed plate, but failed to break it. The shots from the AK-103
able to knock down the plate with mounts, but do not penetrate the armor even bullets with
the steel core.

To the maximum
picking a bulletproof vest protects the chest, back, and side projection as well as the groin and
shoulders from shrapnel. The advantages of body armor include the presence of
climatic, shock-absorbing support that cushions and distributes
the kinetic energy of bullets and shrapnel throughout the body of the person.

Earlier, Russian soldiers used a new weapon in Palmyra .

About a week ago in Syria
regiment arrived Syrian deminers intend to clear of explosive
items of historical part of Odessa. In mine action will be tested
the latest demining technology: robots, protection and search eczecstwa.

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