The network won a spectacular video on the Day of sailor-submariner Russia

In the Internet appeared the video, timed to the Day of submariner. This holiday, the sailors themselves jokingly called “the rugged”. In the above video were the following submarines: the latest strategic missile project “Northwind”; his colleague of the “Squid”; armed with 16 ballistic missiles, diesel-electric “warszawianka” with missiles “Caliber”; the atomic submarine project “Antey”, carrying more cruise missiles than the flagship of the Northern fleet “Peter the Great”.

The cameras even managed
to capture the Central post, which is used to manage a crew and ship. On
the video hit the ascent, dive, and various exercises on Board – including
the exit of the ship through a torpedo tube.

The submarine fleet of the Russian Federation noted
111-th anniversary of its establishment . This year it is planned the launching of a nuclear
submarine “Kazan” project “Yasen” and the fourth
strategic submarine of the “Borei” – “Prince

Earlier in the Black sea went landing ship of the United States with the battalion of Marines on Board.

It is noted that on Board the ship is “the 24th expeditionary battalion
United States marine corps”. On 17 March the ship arrived in the Black sea.
The ship will take part in NATO exercises SPRING STORM 17.

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