The network won the shots volleys of the submarine “Saint George” that one shot can destroy a continent

In the Internet published a video that shows how the launch of nuclear missiles aboard the strategic submarine “Svyatoy Georgy Pobedonosets”. During the launch of a ballistic missile submarine is sinking a little in depth as a beginner rise high-speed Elevator. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As you know, combat
unit of the Russian army has 16 ballistic missiles R-29, equipped with three
types of warheads: monoblock with a capacity of 450 kilotons, three 200-kiloton
or seven 100-kiloton warheads. According to experts, one
salvo the submarine will be enough to destroy an entire country or continent.

Is the sub on
the North, and to launch the rocket, she has mostly of the ice. Equipment
allows you to find submarines in the polar shell of polynyas and leads, and if they
no, the submarine can break through the ice with my body.

Previously, the Internet exploded exorbitant pirouette su-35 .

The Russian defense Ministry released a video, which is dedicated to maneuverable fighter su-35. 1.5-minute video shows how the unit performs all phases of flight: preparing the pilot for departure, takeoff, climb, maneuvering, performing aerobatics – caught in the frame of the “maple leaf” available only to aircraft with thrust vector control

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