The oddity of the Pentagon: the military has launched drone that was looking for him for 9 days across the country

Military personnel from the Pentagon nine days looking for the UAV which lost control and went into Autonomous flight. UAVs cost half a million dollars lost communication with ground control station and flew far beyond the military base. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Oddly enough, the missing
the drone found the accidental tourist.According to
witness, the unit just got stuck in a tree and hard landing
lost a wing.

The intrigue lies in the
the fact that military experts still don’t understand how he got there. Because
between ground military base and a place of detection of the UAV 970 kilometres
that is a lot more than the declared resource range of this aircraft.

Drone RQ-7Bv2
Shadow has a length of 6.1 meters and has an engine of 38 horsepower.

Previously, the Pentagon proudly announced the adoption of the drones out of cardboard .

The main factor which influenced the decision of the Pentagon to take on
weapons cardboard drones was their cheapness. These UAVs can be sent
in the area of warfare, do not fear for thousands of losses in
if the enemy shot down the drone

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