The opposition bloc demands to dismiss the head of the Donetsk OVGA Zhebrivskyi – party statement

The party “Opposition bloc” demands to dismiss the head of the Donetsk region al military-civil administration Pavlo Zhebrivskyi due to the pressure on the business.

According to the statement the party issued on Friday, the press service of the opposition bloc, P. zhebrivskyi as a public servant has no right to interfere in the activities of the business and to make threats, like his statement at a press conference in Kramatorsk.

“Intervention in the process of forming local communities, which affords the head of the Donetsk CAA, is unacceptable,” – noted in the opposition bloc.

But the statement noted that local communities are formed to improve the lives of people. It is natural part in the formation of bulks of businesses, providing jobs to a significant part of the region’s residents. The task of leadership is to promote the business that addresses the socio-economic problems of the region.

“Instead, the Chairman of the Donetsk CAA intervenes in the process of forming communities and is putting pressure on business”, – said in a statement.

The opposition bloc said that the lives of people and the socio-economic situation in the region over the past year and a half P. Zhebrivskyi at the head of the Donetsk ovga has deteriorated, “and tariffs on heating this fall was the highest in the country.”

“”The opposition bloc” requires the dismissal Zhebrivskyi as a person who is not able to lead the Donetsk region. The region should be headed by a specialist in the field of management that respects people and working for them,” – said in a statement.

As transfers the local edition “Island”, P. zhebrivskyi at a press conference in Kramatorsk, promised problems DTEK due to the interference in the creation of the United communities in the region.

“There is one of the representatives of DTEK, which for some reason decided that under DTEK Dobropolskaya will be formed a large community. Will not allow this. – Appeal to Mr. Tishchenko and principal shareholder – if the employee will be involved in politics, they will have big problems”, – quotes the edition of P. Zhebrivskyi.

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