The Pentagon announced the conditions for the resumption of military cooperation with Russia

Pentagon chief James Mattis said that the US is not ready to cooperate with Russia in military terms as long as it does not begin to fulfill their obligations.

According to “Russian conversation”, head
the U.S. defense Department
said: “We would like to cooperate
with Russia politically, but until we
would like to interact with her in
military terms”.

According to him,
first, Moscow must prove that she
you can trust, and to perform its
obligations to NATO.

Mattis said,
at the moment Washington is not ready
to start cooperation in military terms.
However, he drew attention to the fact that
U.S. allies will continue to speak with
Russia to find a compromise and
to persuade Moscow to fulfill its
obligations and resume cooperation
with NATO.

Recall, on the eve
the Pentagon chief appealed to the Alliance
demanding to speak with Russia from the position of “language of force” . The corresponding statement
The Mattis caused a sharp reaction of the Russian
the ruling circles. For example, the defense Ministry responded harshly to the call
the head of the defence Department, and
in the state Duma told about the possible
the consequences of “force”.

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