The Pentagon made an important statement about cooperation with Russia after the impact of the coalition allies of Assad

The military of the United States and the Russian Federation did not interrupt contacts on Syria after hitting Washington-led international coalition against the units of the Syrian militias that are fighting on the side of official Damascus.

Such statement on Friday, may 19, made the us defense Department, reports, “Russian conversation”.

The Pentagon said that Russian and U.S. military continue the interaction.

The day before planes of the US-led international coalition against ISIS (an organization banned in Russia – ed.) struck a blow to the proasadovskih forces near Al-TANF. In Washington said that the move was a response to the onset of the supporters of the official Damascus between us-backed forces of the Syrian opposition .

The Pentagon noted that their impact does not lead to the escalation of the conflict, however, given to understand that the will to act decisively when under threat will be supported by the United States Department.

Recall, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the U.S. strike in Syria, said that Washington’s actions are illegal – they violate the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

It is worth noting that this is the second military action against Damascus under the presidency of trump: before that, April 7, in the Mediterranean sea American ships launched a missile attack on the airbase from government forces in HOMS province.

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