The personification of capitalism. Died David Rockefeller

Photo: Giornale di Sicilia Rockefeller died at 102 years old

The oldest billionaire on the Forbes died.

In the U.S . 102 years old died David Rockefeller senior. It is reported by The New York Times with reference to the representative of the family of Fraser of Sitel.

The billionaire died 20 March morning in his house in Pocantico hills in new York.

The condition of 101-year-old businessman, the magazine was estimated at 3.3 billion. He was the last surviving grandson of Rockefeller, Sr., the first American billionaire and the founder of the oil company Standard oil.

Rockefeller controlled Chase Manhattan for over ten years and had a huge impact around the world, the NYT notes.

Biography Of David Rockefeller

The third generation of the famous dynasty, who became the personification of American capitalism, David Rockefeller born June 12 1915 in new York.

His grandfather John D. Rockefeller established one of the largest financial groups in the U.S. oil trust, Standard Oil Co and became the first in the history of billionaires. Since then, the dynasty Rockfeller recognized as one of the most influential on the planet.

David Rockefeller attended Harvard University, majoring in English history and literature, as well as on the economy. Economic education, he also received at the London school of Economics.



In 1940 he defended his doctorate in Economics at the University of Chicago and then went to the civil service – worked as a Secretary of the mayor of new York.

After a year settled in as assistant to the regional Director of the Department of defense, health and welfare.

In may 1942, he enrolled as a private in military service and in 1945 was promoted to the rank of captain. During the Second world war he was in North Africa and France, was assistant military attaché in Paris, worked in military intelligence.

After returning in 1946, he held the position of assistant Manager foreign Department at Chase National Bank in new York.

Despite the fact that the Rockefeller family owned a significant stake of the Bank, David Rockefeller himself was raised in all steps of the career ladder.

In 1946 became member of the Council on foreign relations who has advised the U.S. state Department. Since 1949 he was Vice-Director and was promoted to honorary predsedatelja tips, which began in 1985.

First Vice-President of Chase National Bank, he became in 1952. Three years after the merger with Bank of Manhattan was one of the largest U.S. Bank, Chase Manhatten Bank, which Rockefeller held high positions: Chairman of the Board and President, 1969-1981 years he became CEO.

David Rockefeller has specialized in international banking, was close to the Ministers and heads of States various countries of the world. In 1981 Rockefeller retired from active management of the Bank, but remained Chairman of the International Advisory Committee of the Bank.

For many years, David Rockefeller was one of the key figures in the establishment and work of international non-governmental organizations, have left their mark in world politics: Bilderberg group (an annual forum of the Western elite), the Dartmouth conference (a meeting of representatives of the USSR and America in the territory of Dartmouth College in new Hampshire, USA), Trilateral Commission (which includes representatives of business and political circles in the US, Europe and Japan).

David continued the tradition of the Rockefellers to create and support charitable and community organisations: Rockefeller Foundation, medical research Institute, the Museum of modern art in new York, General education Board.

In 2002 he wrote an autobiographical book, “David Rockefeller: memoirs”.

David Rockefeller: memoirs

In 2004, David led the Rockefeller family, controlling his many charitable and business enterprises.

David Rockefeller has been married since 1940, the daughter of a partner of a law firm on wall street. Margaret McGrath (1915-1996). Married Rockefellers, raised six children: David Jr. (born in 1941), Abby (1943 year of birth), Neva (1944 of a birth), Peggy Dulany (born in 1947), Richard (born in 1949) and Eileen (born in 1952).

At a party at the Museum of modern art in 2016 / Getty

Quotes By David Rockefeller

1. Profit beguiling, creates jobs, increases wealth and gives people these capabilities, which are not capable of any social or economic system.

2. Agreement on joint management rarely give a good result because they represent an uncomfortable compromise.

3. I am deeply convinced that the most successful business relationships are based on trust, understanding and loyalty – those are not a close friendship.

David Rockefeller with his parents and brothers

4. The name Rockefeller can be an advantage… my phone calls are answered more often. Because of her, the same people sometimes treat me suspicious, been more skeptical than others. They believe that I have achieved something due to the name, but not their own efforts.

5. Those who even slightly stands out from the crowd, you need to be thick-skinned.

6. I usually did not participate publicly in campaigns of Nelson Rockefeller (elder brother of David , 41st vicc-President of the USA), but when he appeared on “my territory,” I felt like a brother should act in support of it.

7. Still a child, after a course of natural science, I fell in love with bugs. Wherever I went, the Bank is always in your pocket. Collecting beetles is easy – they have a durable shell.

8. Although my wife and I were good together, we have completely different interests that we pursued separately from each other. This is the key to our very long and very happy marriage.

David Rockefeller with his wife Margaret (died in 1996)

9. Available loans easily leads to massive speculation and over-extension.

10. At Princeton, my brother Lawrence and I shared a room with the big boys, who loved to party. He said that in life you have to try everything… he Later became a very successful venture capitalist, his interest in creative ideas never waned.

11. My grandfather never heard even a sigh of regret – neither his son nor grandchildren, nor anyone else. He was sure that Standard Oil brought to the public benefit.

12. The joy of entrepreneurship – creating something permanent, lasting and of value to others.

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